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Rome Rising DVD – Religion and Rulers – by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

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Rome Rising DVD

Religion and Rulers

by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

In Rome Rising, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung examines the historical Roman Empire and looks at the revival of the Roman Empire that is prophesied in God’s Word. Shot on location in Jerusalem, Ephesus and Rome, Rome Rising will shed light on how current events are setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. 

The Revived Roman Empire has to come in existence in the last days. We can, in retrospect, look back through history. We can see the Babylonian Empire was in place, defeated by the Medo-Persian Empire, followed by Alexander the Great conquering the known world with the Grecian Empire. And then the Roman Empire brings down the Grecian Empire. We have to look to those ten toes of iron and clay to understand what’s going to happen in the last days. I believe the infrastructure for those ten toes of iron and clay, the Revived Roman Empire, that infrastructure is in place today.

Rome was not built in a day. But one day, in the Last Days, the Roman Empire will rise again.