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Revelation: Hearing the Last Word


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Revelation: Hearing the Last Word

by David M. Levy 

To many people, the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is a mystery—they’re not quite sure what it teaches and how to interpret its mysterious prophecies. Much of this confusion is caused by Bible teachers who step beyond the boundaries of Scripture and try to speculate about what will happen in the future—which can lead to opinions and guesses that are seriously amiss.

When it comes to the last days, how can we know for sure what the Bible says? By letting Scripture speak for itself, and by carefully separating the facts from the possibilities. That’s what author David Levy does in his authoratative new commentary on Revelation. You will discover a surprisingly clear picture of what we can expect in the last days and find answers to key questions that confuse many people in the church. 

The book of Revelation evokes more interest than any other book in the New Testament. People are inspired by its content and promise of a special blessing to all of its readers. It is often called the Apocalypse, a Greek word meaning to uncover or to unveil. Unveiled in this book are the events in God’s prophetic program that will shortly come to fruition. Christ’s final victory over the powers of evil and the creation of a new heaven and a new earth should provide great hope for believers of every generation. 

Table of Contents

1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ

2. The Glorified Christ

3. The Church Confronted and Comforted

4. The Church Compromised

5. The Church in Crisis and Commitment

6. The Complacent Church

7. God’s Throne Revealed

8. The Scroll With Seven Seals

9. Six of Seven Seals Opened

10. The Tribulation Saints

11. The Trumpet Judgments

12. Angel With a Little Scroll

13. Messengers With a Mandate

14. Israel’s Travail and Triumph

15. The Coming World Ruler

16. The Coming World Prophet

17. The Victorious Christ

18. Vision of God’s Coming Wrath

19. The Seven Bowls of Wrath

20. Mystery Babylon

21. The Woman and the Beast

22. The Fall of Babylon

23. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

24. Christ’s Second Coming

24. The Millennial Kingdom

25. The Great White Throne Judgment

26. The New Creation

27. The New Jerusalem

28. God’s Final Message



287 pages


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