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The Remarkable Wisdom of Solomon


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The Remarkable Wisdom of Solomon

Ancient Insights From the Song of Solomon, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 

by Henry M. Morris

After the birth of the Jewish nation, but before the brutal string of invading armies, there arose in Israel a King whose splendor was so rich his very name is still spoken with awe and respect—Solomon. 

Inheriting and expanding a magnificent kingdom from his father, King David, Solomon attained both spiritual and material wealth. Confounding his enemies and thrilling his own people, the Bible claims there will never be another man like him. His legacy includes three Canonical works that flowed from God to his pen—Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. 

Strangely, these three books are rarely examined by modern scholars. But longtime defender of the faith, Henry Morris, provides an invaluable commentary. His examination of Solomon’s life, and the insights into the writings themselves, give the Bible student a worthy tour of the life of a most remarkable man. 



249 pages

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