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A Prophecy of the Future of America: 2016-2017- New From Paul McGuire


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A Prophecy of the Future of America: 2016-2017

by Paul McGuire

America experienced a First Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s, which rocked the original thirteen colonies with the power and authority of God. The Biblical truth of this First Great Awakening created the governmental structure, Constitution and Bill of Rights that birthed the Unites States of America. America is presently on the path to experience an economic crisis more significant than the 1929-1939. Is it possible that God has His own indestructible economic plan, in the manner of Joseph and Daniel, for his people? Who will be the people of God who have prepared themselves for a miraculous wealth transfer? What do you need to do now to be one of them?

What is the ambitious planned surprise in the upcoming Presidential election and how can America be put on the right course despite the hidden agendas of a secret elite? Does God have an even greater concealed plan for America in the last days that can only be unlocked by the power of revival? 

The years 2016-2017 represent the most crucial years in America’s history. America will either move quickly into a totalitarian state or experience a Third Great Awakening. Are we waiting on God, or is God waiting on us to release a powerful Third Great Awakening upon America, which will unleash His angelic armies and the chariots of fire against the devilish fallen angels?

The prophet Daniel confronted territorial spirits such as the Prince of Persia and the Prince of Greece, who ruled over the Middle East. Can a remnant of God’s people confront the territorial spirits ruling over America, Europe, the Middle East, and the whole Earth? How will praying for the peace of Jerusalem release the angels, Michael and Gabriel, to alter the possibility of World War III, the future of America and the war on terrorism? 

God is calling you now to learn to think with the mind of Christ and release the power and wisdom of God to overcome your problems and the problems facing our nation. Jesus Christ said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” 



  1. Terrorism on the Rise
  2. The Islamic Occupation
  3. The Ultimate Source of America’s Problems
  4. Interdimensional Portals
  5. Following the Money
  6. The House of Cards
  7. The Death of Capitalism
  8. Extinction of the Middle Class
  9. Embracing Money Magic and Mammon
  10. The Red Sea
  11. Oil Armageddon
  12. The Occultic Global Monetary System
  13. The Benefits of World Wars
  14. Money: The Magic and the Mystery
  15. The One World Economic System


  1. Alchemical Magic and Banking
  2. Solomon’s Treasure and Modern Banking
  3. Global Economic Collapse
  4. Power From on High
  5. True Social Justice
  6. Satanic Revival in America
  7. Change Agents in the Church
  8. Social Media Memes
  9. Political Correctness and Hate Speech
  10. They Prefer Socialism
  11. The Destruction of Marriage and Family
  12. The Brave New World
  13. The Occult Ceremonies at the United Nations
  14. Understanding the Matrix
  15. A Satanic World System Based on Lies
  16. The Bible and Science
  17. The Occult Origins of Modern Science
  18. America and the World: The Walking Dead
  19. Increasing and Protecting Your Wealth
  20. Experiencing Economic Freedom
  21. The American Economy
  22. Secrets From the Richest Man in the World


  1. God Will Save His People
  2. The Law of Miraculous Supply
  3. Selling Your Soul to Satan
  4. A Spiritual State of Emergency
  5. Mission Impossible
  6. The Beginning of Time
  7. Total Financial and Spiritual Freedom
  8. The Power of the Believer
  9. Final Instructions



270 pages

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