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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
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The Paradigm Package # 5 – from Jonathan Cahn – 8 NEW DVDS & 2 BOOKS – SAVE $37.00!


The Book of Mysteries Daily Devotional by Jonathan Cahn (HARDBACK)

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The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times

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The Paradigm Uncensored - The Full Revelation DVD Album - Jonathan Cahn - Volume 1 Has Been Discounted!

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The Paradigm Uncensored: The Full Revelation DVD Album - Jonathan Cahn - Volume 2 Has Been Discounted!

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The Paradigm Package #5 – from Jonathan Cahn!

Get the Discounted Book, 2 DVD Sets (8 DVDs) and a SPECTACULAR BONUS—a copy of Jonathan’s 365-page devotional book, The Book of Mysteries! 

The Paradigm Package – New Explosive Revelations From Jonathan Cahn!

  1. THE PARADIGM – Book




  •  Is it possible that there exists a Master Blueprint from ancient times that lies behind everything that’s happening before our eyes today?
  • Could events that transpired almost 3000 years ago be determining the news of modern times, the people of modern times, and the events that have changed our lives?
  • Could this ancient mystery not only have foretold the events of our times, but actually been given the timing as as to when they would take place – pinpointing the year – and in some cases the month, the date, and even the hour?

As unbelievable as it sounds – it’s real – the blueprint actually exists!

Jonathan Cahn, the author of The Harbinger and The Book of Mysteries now reveals the master blueprint of our times in THE PARADIGM: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times. 

The Paradigm

  • Not only reveals the events of our day – but the people of our day – from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton – and even Donald Trump.
  • It gives the exact times that world leaders are allotted to be on the world stage.
  • It has foretold the outcome of American elections – including the last one– when every major poll said the opposite.
  • It even foretold the arrival of Osama Bin Laden, revealed his assassination and when it would take place.
  • It has foretold the most pivotal news events of our times down to the year, the month, the week, the date –and even the hour.
  • What it does reveal is happening right now – and the media has no idea.
  • What does The Paradigm say will happen in the future?
  • And what is the crucial warning it contains for our generation?
  • Don’t miss THE PARADIGM UNCENSORED I & II DVD Sets, which will reveal what could never be revealed before.
  • It includes exclusive information, material, and revelations so explosive that they’re not even in the book. You can’t get this information anywhere else in the world!
  • How the Paradigm came to be
  • The mystery of the 9th of Tammuz
  • The mystery of the Arch of Baal
  • What was in the Harbinger than no one realized that has to do with what’s happening now
  • What the future holds:

ALBUM I includes . . . 

 DVD 1 – THE MASTER BLUEPRINT:  Is it possible that there exists a Master Blueprint that holds the secret of what’s taking place before our eyes?  Could this blueprint come from ancient times and yet foretell the events of our day?  Could it even reveal the people of our day?  Is it so eerily precise that it not only reveals the events that are to take place in our times, but the timing of those events, at times giving the year they must take place, the month – and even the exact dates!  Jonathan Cahn opens up the mystery behind what’s happening all around us – starting with the big picture, the metamorphosis, the sacred desecration, and the days of apostasy that are affecting all of our lives to this day.

 DVD 2 – THE MYSTERY OF THE KING:  Jonathan opens up the most eerie dimension of The Paradigm by revealing the prototype – the king – a man divided, a man of scandals, and a man who launches a war of culture against the ways of God – and his modern fulfillment who rose to power on the American and world stage – The Paradigm even reveals the exact time that the man will be allotted to remain on the world stage and the end of his reign.

 DVD 3 – THE MYSTERY OF THE QUEEN:  Jonathan now opens up the mystery of the second prototype of The Paradigm – a woman of controversy – who will rise to the throne with an agenda to wage war against the ways, the morals, and the people of God.  She will not only bring a new morality to the palace, but new gods and goddess – and the revelation of her modern antitype on the American stage – including the revelation of the secret meetings that took place in the White House involving priestesses, goddesses, and even the dead.

DVD 4 – THE MYSTERY OF THE NEMESIS:  The Paradigm now reveals a very different figure of mystery  – a man from a foreign land who rises up to threaten the land and ultimately to bring destruction upon it.  Who is his modern manifestation?  The Paradigm now foretells one of the most pivotal and dangerous figures of the modern world, one that has affected all of our lives.  It will actually give the parameters of his name.  It will even foretell his assassination, including the details of how it will happen.  It will even pinpoint the year it must take place.

ALBUM 2 Includes . . . 

DVD 5 – THE MYSTERY OF DAYS:  Jonathan now opens the most eerily stunning and astoundingly precise dimension of The Paradigm.  The Paradigm will now not only reveal the years when the events of modern times are to take place, but the months, the weeks, and the exact dates.  The ancient blueprint will reveal the timing of the most pivotal event of modern times – down to the date on which it had to happen – the time of day it had to take place – even the hour – and its exact time parameters – within one minute of its occurrence!

DVD 6 – THE DAYS OF THE HEIR:  Does The Paradigm’s revelation continue into recent times?  The answer is yes.  Jonathan now takes you into the days that followed the reign of the king – the days of the shadow queen and the revealing of a new figure – the heir – and the man who rose up in modern America to fulfill the ancient prototype.  The Paradigm’s revelation of the hostile kingdom will reveal the dangerous phenomenon that is taking place in America and the world to this day.  The ancient mystery will again give the exact time parameters given to modern leaders – in this case the heir.  At the end of the DVD Jonathan comes back to disclose revelations not in the book lined to the days of the heir including the 9th of Tammuz and the four thousand year old covenant.

DVD 7 – THE WAR OF THRONES:  The revelation of The Paradigm now approaches its climactic phase as rulers and kingdoms prepare for a final battle.  Jonathan reveals yet a new figure – the warrior – the most unlikely of rulers, a man who will rise, as if out of nowhere, and take the nation’s stage by storm.   Who is his modern antitype?  The warrior begins his race to the throne and stands face to face with the queen.  The Paradigm brings stunning revelation and clarity to make sense of what has taken place in America that caught most of the nation by surprise. At the end of the DVD Jonathan comes back to disclose revelations linked to the War of Thrones that are not in the book – even a revelation from The Harbinger that no one knew was there.

 DVD 8 – FINAL REVELATIONS & THINGS TO COME – Where are we now in the mystery?  What does The Paradigm reveal about what lies ahead?  What does it warn us concerning the future?  What was the ancient sign that recently manifested in a middle eastern land that was linked not only to The Paradigm but to events taking place in America?  How do the revelations of The Paradigm connect with the revelations of The Harbinger?  Are we heading to judgment?  And what does it all mean?  Jonathan answers these questions and more as he brings The Paradigm to its final revelations

When you order the Paradigm Package, we’re going to give you a special BONUS—a FREE copy of Jonathan Cahn’s hardback book, The Book of Mysteries, a $21.95 value.



$69.95  – (Save $32.00!)

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The Book of Mysteries Daily Devotional by Jonathan Cahn (HARDBACK)

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The Paradigm Uncensored - The Full Revelation DVD Album - Jonathan Cahn - Volume 1 Has Been Discounted!

Weight 8 oz

The Paradigm Uncensored: The Full Revelation DVD Album - Jonathan Cahn - Volume 2 Has Been Discounted!

Weight 8 oz