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Peru Expedition Journal: Mystery of the Elongated Skulls by Archaeologist Aaron Judkins


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Peru Expedition Journal: Mystery of the Elongated Skulls

Photographed on Location in South America

by Archaeologist Aaron Judkins

This story begins with archaeologist Julio Tello’s 1928 discovery of 429 mummies in the subterranean necropolis at Warr Kayan on southern’s Peru’s Paracas Peninsula. Interred, sitting in baskets, the dessicated bodies of these mummies were swaddled in colorful fabrics, some richly embroidered. Among the tombs were found strange, elongated, human skulls. Have some sort of hybrid skulls now been found? Do they prove the Genesis 6 biblical accounts of the Nephilim? Are they proof of an extraterrestrial breeding program going on in Earth’s ancient past and perhaps still going on today? The answer may surprise you!

Aaron Judkins, of Man vs. Archaeology fame, travels throughout Peru to investigate these strange phenomena. His journal is filled with photographic mementos and treasures of this South American adventure. Complete with amazing color photographs of other-worldy, megalithic structures, perhaps built by the Nephilim, this book will leave you shell-shocked when you see these for the first time. If you’ve enjoyed the unique work of L.A. Marzulli, you are going to love what Aaron Judkins has written and photographed. 



185 pages

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