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Perfect Stranger DVD – The Night Nikki Had Dinner With Jesus (A Family Favorite!) by Kelly’s Filmworks


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Perfect Stranger DVD – The Night Nikki Had Dinner With Jesus

by Kelly’s Filmworks

Try and imagine getting a personal invitation to have dinner with Jesus Christ. What would you ask Him? What would you talk about? In one of the most brilliantly-crafted Christian films of all time, The Perfect Stranger hits it out of the park. Filled with wisdom, humor, and eye opening candor, this movie will leave you emotionally moved. Looking for a fabulous family movie? This 86-minute film will present a clear message of the Gospel and do it in a way that will leave the skeptic with a new understanding of God and His desire for a close relationship with His creation. 

One morning, Nikki has a fight with her husband and storms off to her office when she spies a note on her desk inviting her to dinner with . . . JESUS! Thinking it’s a joke her husband her husband is playing on her, trying to make up, she winds up in a nice restaurant where she meets the Master face to face. And she is not pleased. She starts to storm off, but decides to play along. Where that takes her is a beautiful story with a wonderful and surprising ending. 

Be sure to take notice of the two sequels, Another Perfect Stranger and The Perfect Gift. This DVD is available as part of a 3-pack Trilogy set containing all 3 movies, available in our bookstore.  



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