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One Book One Authority: 2,000 Years of Church and Bible History by Dr. Douglas Stauffer


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One Book One Authority

2,000 Years of Church and Bible History

by Dr. Douglas Stauffer

Many excellent books have been written in the Bible’s defense, but not until One Book One Authority has there been such a thorough and factual compilation  in support of the most contested Bible of our day. This book is written in a functional and practical format that will benefit every reader immensely, from the Bible novice to the seasoned preacher. The academic world, which demands a scholarly treatment of the subject, will be pleasantly surprised by its literary content. Very few writings cover this controversial issue in such a fair, rational and loving manner and none more objectively than One Book One Authority

In this companion volume to One Book Stands Alone, a previous work, the sincere Bible student can acquire a working knowledge of contemporary challenges directed at the most revered book in human history. In spite of the myriad of Modern Bible versions and loose and careless translations of the Word of God, readers will gain an extraordinary confidence to support the use of the King James Bible. Along with building a spiritual storehouse of reinforcements for spiritual consultation, the reader will find greater insights into the history of God’s Word, God’s people and their mutual adversaries.

One Book One Authority, much like its predecessor, is not a book that you will read once and relagate to the shelf to collect dust. If you are committed to loving and living in God’s Word you will want to keep its many resources easily accessible. Use it for many areas of study. 

It will help you understand the embattled history for the English translation of the Bible, a story most Christians don’t understand.

It will identify the Bible’s internal proofs, supporting a supernatural Bible.

It will solidify your understanding of God’s promises of inspiration and preservation.


  1. Introduction: Last Days Spiritual Battleground
  2. Preface: By Sovereign Design 
  3. Man’s Soul Authority
  4. New Kid on the Block at the 400th Anniversary
  5. A Gender-Neutral Agenda: The NIV 2011
  6. Word of God Versus Word of Men
  7. Word of Men Condemned
  8. Limiting God
  9. Vain Worship: The Four Step Process
  10. 325 Expressions Quoted From the King James Bible
  11. 325 Sayings Linked to the King James Bible
  12. Modern Version Vocabulary Words
  13. The ESV’s Calvinistic Agenda
  14. The ESV: Corrupt Seed Results in Corrupt Fruit
  15. The ESV’s Substitute Savior
  16. Salvation: The ESV’s Damnable Heresy
  17. Salvation: The ESV’s Corrupting Influence
  18. Archaic Language Defined
  19. Antiquated Language of the Modern Versions
  20. Abridged KJB Dictionary (A-G)
  21. Abridged KJB Dictionary (H-Z)
  22. Those Troublesome Thee’s and Thou’s.
  23. A Tale of Three Cities: Where the Bible Versions Began
  24. By the Grace of God, King of England
  25. Two Centuries of English Bible Perversions
  26. Nineteenth (19th) Century English Versions
  27. Twentieth Century (20th) English Versions 
  28. Twenty-first Century (21st) English Versions
  29. Insight Into Inspiration
  30. Inspiration Without Preservation: Pointless
  31. Translator Biographies: Part 1
  32. Translator Biographies: Part 2
  33. The Written Word and the Word Incarnate (Part 1)
  34. The Written Word and the Word Incarnate (Part 2)
  35. The Written Word and the Word Incarnate (Part 3)
  36. The Written Word and the Word Incarnate (Part 4)
  37. The Written Word and the Word Incarnate (Part 5)
  38. Lineage of Blessing-Root of Apostasy
  39. Scholarship, Onlyism and Their Schoolboy Greek
  40. The Bible’s Simplified Family Tree
  41. Satan’s Line of Manuscripts
  42. Roadmap to Rome: The First 20 Steps
  43. Roadmap to Rome: The Final Journey (Steps 21-45)
  44. Chronological History: Introduction 
  45. Chronological History: 1st to 6th Century
  46. Chronological History: 7th to 12th Century
  47. Chronological History: 13th to 17th Century
  48. Chronological History: 18th to 21st Century
  49. Revival of Faith: A Personal Testimony I
  50. Falling on Deaf Ears: A Personal Testimony II 
  51. The Genesis Story I: The Chinese Connection
  52. The Genesis Story II: The Chinese Characters
  53. The Genesis Story III: The Chinese Choice

Appendix 1: 14 Rules For the Translators

Appendix 2: Who is Rupert Murdoch?

Appendix 3: National Geographic Jouralism?

Appendix 4: Time To Retire the King James?

Appendix 5: 1602 Spanish Bible

Appendix 6: 1534 Luther’s German Bible

Appendix 7: Grammar Lesson Pronouns

Appendix 8: Scripture Index

Appendix 9: Modern Version Scripture Index

Appendix 10: Word Index

Appendix 11: Bibliography 



888 pages


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