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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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The Omega Conspiracy – Satan’s Last Assault on God’s Kingdom – by Dr. I.D.E. Thomas – The Book That Changed L.A. Marzulli’s Life!


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The Omega Conspiracy

Satan’s Last Assault on God’s Kingdom

by Dr. I.D.E. Thomas

Do we ever learn from history? What were the conditions on Earth that resulted in its destruction, except for Noah and his family? What are the conditions on Earth today? Will history repeat itself in our lifetime? Dr. I.D.E. Thomas reviews similarities between the past and present and arrives at a startling conclusion—the recent burgeoning of demonic activity is proof of our proximity to the “last days.” The sons of God are on a collision course with the saints of God and we may well be witnessing the opening scenario in the final battle, the unfolding of the Omega Conspiracy

Here are a few comments by the late Dr. Thomas’s peers. L.A. Marzulli said this book changed his life! 

The father of Christian ufology and his groundbreaking work, The Omega Conspiracy is the scholarship that connects the dots for the rest of us. I have read Dr. Thomas’s research many times and have quoted him on scores of radio shows and have referenced his writings in three of my books. Yet it was not until I came to know Dr. Thomas personally and spent a bit of time with him that I understood why his work is such an inspiration to originality. Simply put, he is inspired by the God of revelation.

Thomas Horn

For any Christian who ever wondered what UFOs or aliens are, college professor and former BBC News correspondent, Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, was the first to break through the confusion and to offer up extraordinary insights to this age-old mystery. If you are a serious researcher, or are simply curious, read this book before any others!

National Book Review

Dr. I.D.E. Thomas’s monumental work, The Omega Conspiracy, is a crowning achievement for the dean of scholarship in UFOs from the biblical perspective. 

Terry James


1. Cosmic Riddles: Hollywood Scenarios

2. The Missing Sign: The Overlords 

3. Close Encounters: Where is the Evidence? 

4. Physical or Psychic?: Traveling in Four Dimensions 

5. Sons of God Daughters of Men: Tempting the Angels

6. The Evidence Mounts: Noah’s Birth and Enoch

7. Descent Into Hell: Preaching to the Spirits in Prison

8. Who Are the Nephilim? The Second Incursion 

9. Humanoids Make Their Entry: Physical Features

10. God’s Angels or Luciferian Forces?: The Bermuda Triangle

11. With What Body Do They Come?: How Angels Materialize

12. Revelation to the Rescue: Threatening the Royal Seed

13. Satan and Sex: Incubacy and Succubacy 



195 pages


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