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Never Submit: Will the Extermination of Christians Get Worse Before It Gets Better?


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Never Submit: Will the Extermination of Christians Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

by Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis

US ARMY Retired & Advisor to the Pentagon. 

Long time media expert, Washington D.C.-based National Security and Foreign Affairs Analysts and Pentagon consultant Robert Maginnis, weigh in on the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and the Islamic threat rising across the west. 

Christians in the Middle East are dying at the hand of Islamists, creating the very real possibility of a successful faith-based genocide, a possible indiction of the end times. According to Lt. Colonel Robert Maginnis, the short term implications for the the region and the world are stark; a very fanatical militarized Islamist region, soon-to-be armed with nuclear weapons. Those same insidious threats could also be applied to America. 

Reversing what appears to be a coming apocalypse will require immediate top-priority actions by Middle East governments and their Islamic populations. Western governments and a genuine global response by Christians is needed now, using a campaign that combines moral, civic, and Christian virtue as the guiding light for the Middle East and beyond. 


Graphically portray the genocide taking place among Middle Eastern Christians at the hands of Islamists and complicit Islamist governments. 

Provide insights into Islamist views of non-Muslims and how they justify genocide.

Demonstrate how the Universal genocide conditions founded on the outcome of the Nazi Holocaust pervade much of the Middle East today.

Show how President Obama’s Middle East policies accelerated the flow of Christian blood. 

Suggest why the Middle East, once void of Christians, will become more violently dangerous. 

Explain why the current Middle East crisis may be evidence of the end times. 

Decipher Islamists’ eschatology regarding the “Dead-Enders,” now spilling blood across the Middle East and how they seek to trigger the apocalypse. 

Present a comprehensive campaign plan calling for leaders to fill the gaps, outline an international effort to defeat the genocide, call on Americans to demand their government address the Islamist threat and call on local pastor’s communities, and average citizens to deal with the real and present danger to their families’ future.

Here a few recommendations from some well-known people. 

“This book calls out to Christians of the world.” —Franklin Graham

“Gripping!!!” —William G. Boykin Former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense

“There are moments in history that cry out for men and women of true character to rise to meet the great challenges of the hour. Such a moment is upon us. The urgency of this threat however is far greater than anything we have previously faced. I commend Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis’ powerful clarion call to the generals, the foot soldiers, the pastors and the great missionaries of this generaton who will lead the charge forward.” Joel Richardson. NY Times best-selling author.



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