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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
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The Nature of the Church by Earl Radmacher (One of the best books ever written!)


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The Nature of the Church

by Earl Radmacher

One of the best books ever written!

If you could have only one book on the church, Dr. Radmacher’s book would be the book to acquire. Using it with his ministry students at Dallas Seminary and at Talbot, I found it to be as practiced as it was technical, and as readable as it was exhaustive. Dr. Radmacher writes as a man who has given his life to understanding and revitalizing the church, and to preparing students to  carry out that vision. This book is also a must for pastors, church staffs and para-church ministries. With a myriad of confusing voices telling us how to run and grow our churches, this book gives us a sound and biblical mission. It also gives us a perspective from history that can better guide us through the many cultural fads, alternative paradigms, and risky philosophies of ministry being marketed today.

– James Borror Th D. – Executive Director – Golden Minutes Ministries

A clear and thorough guide to the many important facets of the biblical teaching on the church by a competent and seasoned theologian. In addition to what one would expect to find in a book like this, the author carefully recognizes crucial distinctions, surveys history, and includes contemporary and prophetic topics relating to the church.

-Charles Ryrie – Author of the Ryrie Study Bible

The Nature of the Church by Earl Radmacher is the finest work I know of on the church. It is a thorough study of the biblical revelation and major views advocated on the subject by significant leaders and movements throughout the history of the church. It combines sound scholarship with clear language that every reader can understand. It is my conviction that every church leader and church library should possess the book. I have recommended it to others for years and am delighted that it is now back in print.

-Renald Showers – Minister at Large – The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry



452 pages