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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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The Michael Lake Package – Complete 78 – Message Prophecy Conference with 2 FREE BOOKS, a Magazine and 108 Historical books on PDF!

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The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant To Overcome the Gates of Hell by Dr. Michael Lake

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The Shinar Directive Package: Preparing the Way For the Son of Perdition (Book & Bonus DATA DISC) with 108 PDF BOOKS!

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Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference (Volume 1 of 4) 9 DVDs- 20 Presentations - *New Sales Price*

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Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference - Volume 2 of 4- (9 DVDs) - 19 presentations *New Sales Price*

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Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference (Volume 3 of 4) 9 DVDs- 20 presentations *Sale Price!*

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Volume 4 Was Created For Our Live Streaming Friends Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference (Volume 4 of 4) 9 DVDs- 19 presentations - *New Sales Price*

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***USA Only*** The February 2017 Issue of the Prophecy Watcher Magazine

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The Michael Lake Package

The Complete Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference with 2 FREE MICHAEL LAKE BOOKS, access to 108 Historical Books on a Data Disc and a copy of The Prophecy Watcher Magazine!

A complete listing of the contents of the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference can be found inside our online bookstore. 27 speakers, many of the top names in the world of Bible prophecy, delivered 78 powerful prophetic messages, one-on-one interviews and Q & A sessions. They are all listed individually in the bookstore description. 


The Shinar Directive- FREE when you purchase the Michael Lake Package

The Shinar Directive serves as a kingdom intelligence briefing for God’s people in the twenty-first century.On the ancient plains of Shinar, an evil was born: The first world king, the prototype transhuman, the ultimate despot, the Son of Perdition–Nimrod. In Babylon, the Son of Perdition devised the Shinar Directive: the enslaving of humanity and the war against the God of Heaven. God’s intervention at the Tower of Babel only delayed his hellish plans. The Luciferian Elite now control three key circles of influence in the world: financial, political, and religious. However, controlling these three systems was not enough.

The laborers of Mystery Babylon have been quietly planning and waiting for thousands of years for the releasing of the Watchers of Genesis 6. Now armed with developing Watcher technologies, the Elite will use transhumanism and mind control to build the Joel chapter 2 army: the army of the Antichrist. We are beginning to realize that the Mark of the Beast and the Image of the Beast are much more than we could have ever imagined; beyond an implant and beyond a physical mark, they will affect DNA and who we are at a molecular level! 

As the powers of Mystery Babylon gather to create the new Tower of Babel and prepare for the Son of Perdition’s return, Heaven is issuing a clarion call to the Remnant: Know the strategies of the enemy, untangle yourself from it, and become the victorious Church! Heaven’s Jewish Apostle of Love, John, reveals the coming conflict in his book of Revelation and provides the ancient Hebraic wisdom encoded in 1 John to equip the bondservants of Messiah with the tools of the kingdom to overcome the Shinar Directive!

The Sheeriyth Imperative- FREE when you purchase the Michael Lake Package

From the author of The Shinar Directive, one of the most intriguing books ever written, come a new work, The Sheeriyth Imperative: Enpowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell. In The Shinar Directive Dr.Lake took us down the Luciferian rabbit hole to discover the matrix of darkness that has engulfed our planet. It seems that we get closer and closer each day to seeing these esoteric societies fulfill Nimrod’s dark directive. However, we know the Almighty will not allow the enemy to bring his “A Team” for the final showdown without responding with His own. God is raising up people around the world that are shaking off their techno-sorcery induced, spiritual slumber and are answering heaven’s call. There is an end-time empowerment coming for God’s remnant—His Sheeriyth. Hell may have its directive, but Heaven has its imperative. 

The Sheeriyth Imperative is a tactical manual for God’s remnant in the Last Days. In this new book you will discover:

  • A deeper look into the fallen immortals that now labor for the Kingdom of darkness.
  • How the unification of Superstring theory and the Bible can play an essential role in understanding our end-time spiritual warfare. 
  • The reality of multi-dimensional seed. 
  • What really happened when Lucifer fell and the force he created to fuel his kingdom. 
  • The Watcher invasion of Genesis 6 involved much more than a breeding program. 
  • How Nimrod aligned himself with immortals in the Second Heaven to empower his hellish plans and how Mystery Babylon is doing the same in our day.
  • What Lucifer was really seeking to gain in the fall of humanity.
  • How the Nazi/Vril agenda is still being carried out by the clueless masses around the world today. 
  • How our modernized theologies have rendered the modern Christian weaponless and naked on the end time spiritual battlefield. 
  • How Heaven is empowering the Remnant to destroy every stronghold and to become a force that can raze hell and bring the Kingdom of God into any situation. 

The Sheeriyth Imperative is beginning to unfold in our day. It it time to awaken, be empowered and become the Sheeriyth of this generation!

This DATA DISC contains an amazing amount of historical writing. 

DATA DISC- FREE when you purchase the Michael Lake Package

PDF Library – 108 books
Including 65 Christian Books

1. Abbreviated List (OUR FAVORITES IN RED)

The Antichrist by A.W. Pink
Lectures on Revelation by William J. Reid
The Complete Works of Josephus
Babylonian Captivity of the Church by Martin Luther
Behold a Pale Horse by Will Cooper
Pilgrims Progress and the Holy War by John Bunyon
The Didache
The Divinity Comedy by Dante Alighiere
All five books on prayer by E. M.Bounds
Fox’s Book of Martyrs
From the Talmud and Hebraica by John Lightfoot
Gesenius Hebrew Grammar
Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonedes
History of the Christian Church Vols. 1 – 8 by Phillip Schaft
Horae Apocalypticae Vol 1 – 4 by E.B. Elliott
Jesus, the Delight of Heaven by C.H. Spurgeon
JFB Complete Commentary
Lectures on Systematic Theology & Lectures on the Revival of Religion by Charles Finney
Sketches of the Jewish Social Life and the Temple and it Services by Alfred Edersheim
The Book of Enoch
The Witnesses of the Stars by E.W. Bullinger
The Works of Philo
History of the Waldenses
Latent Power of the Soul by Watchman Nee
John Wesley’s Journals
Works of Jonathan Edwards (Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God) – Vols. 1-2
Systematic Theology 1 & 2 by C. Hodge
Five Books Against Marcion by Tertullian
15 Books on Freemasonry
1 Book on Mind Control
12 Books on Mystery Babylon
4 Books on Transhumanism
11 Books on UFOs

2. 39 Hours of Seminars in MP3

Remnant Boot Camp – 1 John (10 Sessions)
Overcoming as End-Time Events Unfold Seminar with Study Guide (4 Sessions)
Foundations of Biblical Prosperity with Study Guide (12 Sessions)
Next Level Living Seminar with Study Guide (7 Sessions)
Spiritual Entropy Series (6 Sessions)

3. Computer Programs for Windows


eSword Bible Software plus link to thousands of installable Christian references for eSword.

A FREE COPY of The Prophecy Watcher Magazine is included when you choose Priority Mail shipping. 

If you want the FREE MAGAZINE included with your order, please choose PRIORITY MAIL WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. NOT MEDIA MAIL It is against postal regulations to ship a magazine via Media Mail (only books and DVDs) and we are not lawbreakers at Prophecy Watchers. :)) 


$149.95 (4 DVD Sets- 2 books- 1 magazine)