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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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***Our May Gift Offer to Celebrate Our Launch On the Daystar Network *** – A Lifetime Print Subscription to the Prophecy Watcher Magazine ***U.S. ONLY*** – Get Our Expanded, 48-Page Color Magazine For Life…Good Until the Rapture! 


Lost Civilizations of the Ancient World - The Worldwide Adventures of L.A. Marzulli! - Volume 7 in the On the Trail of the Nephilim Series - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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***Our May Gift Offer to Celebrate Our Launch On the Daystar Television Network ***

A Lifetime Print Subscription to the Prophecy Watcher – 12 Monthly Issues each Year  (USA Only)

Get Our Expanded 48-Page Color Magazine For Life … Good Until the Rapture! 

Almost six years ago Prophecy Watchers launched a monthly magazine, The Prophecy Watcher. Thousands of our friends became LIFETIME subscribers and they still enjoy our monthly magazine, which arrives in their mailbox each and every month. To celebrate our new opportunity on the Daystar Television Network, we’ve decided to roll out this opportunity again for a limited time, allowing more people to take advantage of this great offer. We call it the gift that keeps on giving.

Order it for yourself.

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Each month when it arrives, they’ll think of you! 

THE PROPHECY WATCHER is directly attributable to the provision of the Lord. In addition to the gifted prophetic writing talents of Gary Stearman, many other well-known friends have joined us to create this exciting magazine full of articles and subjects you may “never hear in church.” 

Gary Stearman– The number one prophetic writer of this generation. No pabulum in sight! Gary is famous for seeing things in the Bible that the rest of the world has never noticed before. From his ground-breaking discoveries in the Hebrew alphabet; to identifying the Bloodline of the Antichrist in the book of Daniel; on to such cutting-edge subjects like UFOs; the Nephilim; the pre-tribulation rapture; the identification of Israel as the most important sign of the last days—his Bible knowledge and prophetic discoveries are always fascinating.

Here’s a few names you may just recognize. 

Dr. Thomas Ice – The founder of The Pre-Trib Research Center, Dr. Ice is a passionate defender of the pre-tribulation rapture. His articles are always eye opening and timely, correcting bad Bible teaching and setting our readers on the right pathway.

L.A. Marzulli– The co-producer of The Watchers series, and the creator of the On the Trail of the Nephilim series, this passionate adventurer consistently uncovers new information from the world of the supernatural. The Nephilim, UFOs, news from Israel. Always ground-breaking. Always fresh. Always unique. L.A. always has something fascinating in store for our readers! Be sure to catch the details of his latest worldwide adventure. 

Get a FREE COPY of L.A. Marzulli’s spectacular new DVD, Lost Civilizations of the Ancient World with this special offer! Travel with him to Sardinia, Malta, Gozo, France, Israel and South America, drone in hand, to examine the megalithic architecture of the Nephilim, the offspring of human women and angels, referenced in Genesis chapter 6. 

Jack Langford – This advanced Bible teacher is the author of multiple ground-breaking books on the rapture, the Old Earth and the Gap Theory, the Passover, The Holocaust, Pentecost, the false Flat Earth theory, and the doctrine of Hell. His deep research on the Scriptures adds an academic flavor to our monthly publication. 

Bill Salus– This ground-breaking author of many books including Psalm 83, Revelation Road, Nuclear Showdown in Iran, The NOW Prophecies, The Next Prophecies, the Last Prophecies and the Final Prophecies, Bill believes his best writing on the coming Mideast Wars is yet to come. Many of his regular contributions grace the pages of The Prophecy Watcher magazine on a regular basis. Bill is on the cusp of every major trend in the Middle East. 

Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi– Danny’s unique knowledge of the mysteries of the Hebrew language will amaze you. A full understanding of the hidden things of the Bible can only be found by uncovering the secrets contained in the original language of the Old Testament Scriptures. No one does it better than Danny. His ministry, Hebrew World, is the leading source of Hebrew resources for Christians. 

Ken Johnson– An expert on the Ancient Church Fathers, the apocryphal writings. and the Old Testament prophets. Ken is one of the world’s most talented Bible researchers. 

Todd Hampson – This Christian animator and cartoonist writes on multiple subjects. His Non-Prophets Guide to the Bible series includes a DVD set and Study Guide that introduces us to the Prophecy 101 concept. His latest books focus on the book of Revelation and Spiritual Warfare, regular subjects covered in The Prophecy Watcher.

Tom Horn, Jeff Kinley, Mark Hitchcock, Michael Hile, S. Douglas Woodward, Jonathan Cahn, Daniel Wright, Steve Schmutzer … you never know what you’re going to find in the next issue of The Prophecy Watcher. 


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48 page, color magazine

12 annual issues 


***U.S. ONLY***