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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
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Mass Awakening by Paul McGuire

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Mass Awakening

by Paul McGuire

In Paul’s new book, Mass Awakening, he reveals what will happen to mankind on a global level as it encounters a coming event that will radically change life as we know it on Planet Earth. This event will be precipitated by a series of catastrophic events that will cause chaos in every nation of Earth. The coming chaos will be centered around a global thermonuclear war triggered by events in Russia, Ukraine, NATO, EU, U.S., Iraq, Iran, Syria and Israel.

He reveals the mystery of both the acceleration and convergence of occult-based technologies that involve brainwaves, psychotropic drugs, chip implants, DNA, Super Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, computer brain interfaces, emotional contagion, Fourth Dimensional or Scalar Technology, neural transplants, implanted memories and cranial technology that erases memories (like in the movie “Total Recall.”) 

“Only those who can overcome their programming by renewing their minds and learning how to walk in a supernatural relationship with God will be able to overcome in the last days. Ultimately, the new global order is a counterfeit of the Kingdom of God!”

Millions of people will die from radioactive fallout, food shortages, war, social unrest, riots and nuclear weapons triggered inside the U.S. and other nations by terrorist groups. In the ensuing chaos, the dollar will be devalued and replaced by an electronic world currency consisting of a microchip implant connected to a giant supercomputer using both “Super Artificial Intelligence”, and a computer brain interface. In the midst of the chaos the rise of a one-world government, one-world economic system, and a one-world religion will take form.

Mankind will be experiencing a “MASS AWAKENING” of both a supernatural and scientific nature that will radically impact evolutionary theory, theology, and all the world’s philosophies and religions. First, scientific evidence that has been covered up for decades and even centuries will provide proof that Planet Earth was visited by ET’s or what is known as inter-dimensional beings who seeded the earth with their DNA millions of years ago. This “Alien Genesis” theory will fundamentally change every aspect of society. Secondly, there will be a return of these beings at the point of mankind’s greatest crisis. They will set up a new international order, ruled by a charismatic world leader, “whom the Bible calls the Antichrist” and a one-world religious system headed up by what the Bible refers to as the “False Prophet” that will interact with these beings. Once again, these beings will direct a planetary system that will transform our DNA through merging their DNA with human DNA. This science of Transhumanism will created a new race of soul-less, super human beings, or god-men. The words of Jesus Christ will come true when He said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” Jesus Christ was referring to the return of the Nephilim, who were the product of interspecies breeding of fallen angels, who are inter-dimensional beings, which mated with human women before the Flood of Noah. God judged all the corrupted DNA of both man and animal with the Flood of Noah, which was a DNA/digital/genetic event, and then commanded Noah to have all the genetically pure DNA of both man and animals to reproduce on the Earth.

Jesus Christ warned of the return of the Nephilim in the last days. Fallen angel technology, such as the Tower of Babel, which was a Stargate and inter-dimensional portal, was a key part of the world’s first one-world government, one-world economic system, and one-world religion at Babylon.

It began with the U.S. involvement in Iraq, when U.S. soldiers occupied the territory where ancient Babylon was located. The beginnings of the return of Babylon was predicted in the Book of Revelation. The human race is in a period of both acceleration and convergence of superhuman science and technology that can only be understood by understanding the Bible and books like the Book of Revelation; the inspired and inerrant Word of God and a multi-dimensional and holographic account that involves both science and the supernatural. Inter-dimensional portals like the Abyss and inter-dimensional beings that come from the Abyss play an important role in last day’s events like Armageddon. The last days and the Tribulation Period are the time period where the multi-dimensional reality in Quantum Physics connects the physical world with the spiritual world.

In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul McGuire shows how the predictions of the Apostles and the prophets along with events like the “Great Apostasy,” “The Great Delusion” and the false signs and wonders of the False Prophet will interface with supernatural forces, science, and technology like Transhumanism, the Singularity, computer-brain interfaces, holographic realities, mind reading technology and technologies used in things like Operation Blue Beam where pictures, visions, and audible voices can be projected inside the human brain. In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul McGuire raises the question about the coming event that will involve mankind encountering inter-dimensional beings and the signs and wonders of the False Prophet. Are these the products of holographic projections and scientific mind control? Is the Antichrist, after he experiences a death and rebirth, the product of cloning and fallen angel DNA or a holographic projection from another reality?

In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul McGuire reveals the mystery of both the acceleration and convergence of occult-based technologies that involve brainwaves, psychotropic drugs, chip implants, DNA, Super Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, computer brain interfaces, emotional contagion, Fourth Dimensional or Scalar Technology, neural transplants and implanted memories and cranial technology that erase memories, like in the movie “Total Recall.” In addition, there are now technologies that can predict your future behavior, like in the movie “Minority Report.”

All of these technologies and mankind’s encounter with inter-dimensional beings can create a “MASS AWAKENING,” which would be a counterfeit of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul McGuire shows how God called you before the foundation of the world for such a time as this. As such, He has equipped you through His Word and through the power of the Holy Spirit to be an overcomer and live victoriously in the last days. While many people are focused primarily on what Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet have in store for the future, Paul shows that God has taught us in the Scripture how to access the supernatural power and wisdom of God in the last days.

“God had not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” In the Bible we read about how God gave Daniel and Joseph supernatural wisdom to overcome their problems. In the account of Moses and the children of Israel, God supernaturally delivers His people from Pharaoh at the Red Sea. We read how God gives David the supernatural power and ability to defeat the Nephilim giant Goliath. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ gives His disciples the supernatural power to overcome the devil supernaturally. Jesus Christ teaches us over and over again, about how He has given us the Holy Spirit in the form of the Helper and Counselor to give us supernatural power to be conquerors in the last days. We read that God clothed His disciples with power from on high and gave us His promises to live supernaturally and think supernaturally in the end times.

In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul McGuire shows us how you can live totally free from fear and walk in the power and control of the Holy Spirit in the difficult times we live in. Paul writes about the legitimate and Biblical revival that God wants to give His people. In addition, God had “downloaded” into His people supernatural “apps” or both spiritual and natural gifts that can be used to live the victorious life. In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul warns about the dangers of supernatural deception, apostasy and false teaching. But, Paul also warns against the greatest threat to every believer and that is the sin of unbelief and rejecting God’s Word and His promises. Although, many people have abused God’s Word by teaching a false Gospel, there is a Biblically based Gospel which teaches us how to access the supernatural resources God has for us. God did not call His people to retreat from life, live as victims, and cower in fear. The Bible teaches us that “The righteous are bold as a lion!” Like Joshua and Caleb, we are to give a good report and conquer the spiritual land God has for us.

In “MASS AWAKENING,” Paul McGuire shows us that in the last days there is a great spiritual conflict between the forces of good and evil. It is a supernatural conflict that will be fought on a multi-dimensional level. The Bible tells us that “God’s people perish for lack of vision and wisdom.” The only way you can be victorious is to really understand what is going on! Paul McGuire has been called by numerous Christian leaders, “One of the men who God has raised up to connect the dot’s like very few others.” “MASS AWAKENING” will teach you what is going on, but it will also teach you how to deal with reality from a place of victory. God wants to supernaturally protect, guide, and use you and your family in the last days. “MASS AWAKENING” will equip you to live victoriously in the days ahead! 


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