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***Support Our Ministry in August*** – Marking the Masses – The Coming Mark of the Beast – Should the World Fear the Future? – By Thomas J. Hughes


Marking the Masses - The Coming Mark of the Beast - Should the World Fear the Future? - By Thomas J. Hughes - Shipping included in the US only

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***Support Our Ministry in August***

Marking the Masses

The Coming Mark of the Beast

Should the World Fear the Future? 

By Thomas J. Hughes 



Bel Air – Los Angeles – 1961

The Backyard Overlooking the World

A Master Plan


Chapter 1 – Things You Need To Know

Can the Impossible Become Inevitable?

Who is the Beast?

Who is the Dragon?

Who is the Second Beast?

Can the Mark of the Beast Be Understood at Face Value?

Chapter 2 – Beastly Descriptions

What is the Mark’s Purpose?

Could Things Really Get That Bad?

How Will They Sell the Mark to the Public?

How Will God View the Mark?

Will People Receive the Mark by Trickery, Accident or Deception?

What Will Happen to the Unmarked?

Does This Mean One-World Government?

Chapter 3 – Spire of Babel

How Could Nimrod Keep His One-World Government?

How Can a Disjointed World Unite?


Following the Science

CHAPTER 4 – Technology Shrinks the Earth 

The World in Your Living Room

Technology and the Promise of Peace

Industrialized Death

CHAPTER 5 – Science: The World’s New Master 

Greta Thunberg

Climate Mania

Herbert George Wells and a New World Order

Science in Charge

CHAPTER 6 – Making Men in Our Own Image 

Men Like Gods

Technology Derails Evolution

Directed Evolution

CHAPTER 7 – People of the Abyss

Sterilization of Failure

Eugenics Goes Mainstream

Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill

Ill-Shaped and Ailing

Germany Follow the Science

Fixing the Abyssians

Wealth, Poverty and Control

CHAPTER 8 – Intellects Vast and Cool and Unsympathetic  

Technocrats in Control

Hollywood Weighs In

Follow the Money

Enlightened Governance

The Man Who Was Science

Mom and Dad: The Masked Strangers

CHAPTER 9 – The Middleman For the Medicine Man 

Turning Science Into Doctrine

The Moral Decision

Do We Really Want To Put Science in Charge?


CHAPTER 10 – Paradise Through Unity 

Peace on Earth?

Truman and the Bomb

The Prophesied Fire of Destruction

Fear of Armageddon

One World or None

An End to National Sovereignty

Global Control of Individuals

Earth’s Leadership Vacuum

CHAPTER 11 – The Problem With People

Cogs On Gears Within Sprockets Turning Wheels

Man Taking Charge of Man

The Global Authority

One Authoritative Source

CHAPTER 12 – The Open Conspiracy

A Federal Government of All Humankind

Swallowing Up the World

And End to Private Ownership

“Imagine No Possessions”

A Spoonful of Sugar

Kumbaya Without the Prayer


World Federalist Movement

Democracy Acts Up … Again


CHAPTER 13 – The New Generations

The Kids

Nightmare Minds

Debased Minds

The Manchurian Children

Love and Hate

Troubled Minds … On Purpose

CHAPTER 14 – The Rise of Wokeism

The Power of Language

The Woke Family

Social Insanity

A New Religion

The Final Countdown

What About the Rapture?


CHAPTER 15 – Could Vaccines Be the Mark of the Beast?

The Mark of the Beast Needs a Beast

Unrepentant and Unforgiven

The Angel’s Global Proclamation

Receiving the Mark Involves the Worship of Antichrist and Satan

Penalties Will Be More Extreme

A Couple of Other Differences

CHAPTER 16 – What Vaccine Mandates Teach Us 

Beware of Government Empowering Itself

The Rallying Cry of the Tyrant

Financial Life or Death

Eyes Everywhere

“It Was About Compliance”


The Money Bomb

CHAPTER 17 – Crushing Human Rights 

Child Abuse

Human Rights Give Way to Government Power

Oceans of Propaganda

“These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For”

Fake News and Free Speech

The DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board

Real Motives


CHAPTER 18 – The Beast System 

What Does “666” Mean

Why the Hand or Forehead?

What Will the Physical Mark Be?

Will the Mark Be Visible?

An Implanted Chip?

In or On?

CHAPTER 19 – Brave New Possibilities 

The Brain-Computer Interface

Knowledge Rentals

Scary Outcomes

CHAPTER 20 – The Beast’s Reign 

How Do We Know Antichrist’s Government Will Be Totalitarian?

How Bad Could It Be?

Could Dissenters Hide?

When Can Such Technology Be Built?

Starlink and the New Constellations

CHAPTER 21 – Beast Money 

What Will Happen to Cash?

What Will Replace Cash?

One Money, One World

CHAPTER 22 – Why People Allow Government To Dominate 

Reason # 1 – Peace and Safety

Reason # 2 – Convenience and Ease

Reason # 3 – Financial Rescue and the Promise of Prosperity

CHAPTER 23 –  Super Capacities 

How Can So Much Data Be Stored?

How Can Anyone Make Sense of So Much Data?

Chat GPT

The Creation Becomes the Creator

Marking the Masses

The Image of the Beast

Growing Deception

Always Watching


CHAPTER 24 – Tipping Point 

Can the Horrors of the Mark Be Avoided?

Should Christians Be Concerned?

How Can I Be Sure I Am Ready?



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