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Looking to Gaza Package – By Pastors Jimmy Evans and Mark Hitchcock – FREE Bonus Book from Todd Hampson – Shipping Included in the USA


Look Up! - Awaiting the Rapture and Our Final Redemption - By Pastor Jimmy Evans - Shipping Included in the USA

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What's Next? - Israel Gaza War - By Jimmy Evans and Pastor Mark Hitchcock - Shipping Included in the USA

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The Non-Prophets Guide to the Bible - A Visual Journey Through God's Story and Where You Fit In - by Todd Hampson 

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Looking to Gaza Package

By Pastors Jimmy Evans and Mark Hitchcock

FREE Bonus Book from Todd Hampson (A great book for kids or people new to God’s Word)

**International customers see below for shipping**

Look Up by Pastor Jimmy Evans

You’ve heard about the Rapture. You’ve probably read about what will happen to the people who are left behind on earth. But did you know the Bible has even more to say about those who will go with Jesus when He comes? The Rapture isn’t scary or confusing. For people who believe in Jesus, it will be the best day of their lives, and things will only get better after that. Once we see Jesus, nothing will ever be the same. So look up! Jesus is about to redeem everything about us! 

In Look Up! Awaiting the Rapture and Our Final Redemption, end-times prophecy expert, Pastor Jimmy Evans, tells us the Bible reveals exactly what we can expect when Jesus returns for His bride, the Church. The Rapture isn’t dreadful news, but it is great news because Jesus is bringing total redemption to His followers! In Look Up!, you will discover: 

• God’s eternal plan for humanity 

• How Jesus will change you immediately 

• What heaven will be like for all eternity 

Your future is better and brighter than you know or can even imagine.

What’s Next? The Israel-Gaza War By Pastors Jimmy Evans and Mark Hitchcock

Are you ready to take a stand? 

The world is closely watching Israel, following a severe conflict with Hamas. As tensions escalate, the potential for a broader regional conflict looms. What implications does this hold for Israel’s future and biblical prophecy? This insightful book delves into Israel’s historic and prophetic role in God’s plan. Authors Jimmy Evans and Pastor Mark Hitchcock offer perspective on the: 

  • Biblical foundation for Israel’s claim to the land
  • Intricate history of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute
  • Emergence of radical Islam and the rise of anti-Semitism
  • Prophecies concerning Israel in the End Times
  • Ways Christians can pray for and stand with Israel

God assures blessing for those who bless Israel. As global sentiment shifts, understanding Israel’s importance is crucial. Equip yourself with knowledge and stand with Israel in these pivotal moments.


The Non-Prophets Guide to the Bible by Todd Hampson

A Big-Picture Look at a Book Like No Other

The world’s all-time bestseller, the Bible is truly unique: an ancient collection of 66 separate books written across 1,500 years that fits together like a perfectly crafted puzzle. It proclaims itself to be the Word of God–and supports this claim with hundreds of specific, now-fulfilled prophecies.

Because of its massive cultural impact, readers of all backgrounds and beliefs ask questions about the Bible’s context, history, purpose, and reliability. Enter The Non-Prophet’s Guide(TM) to the Bible: a bright, infographic-packed panorama designed to give you

  • a section-by-section overview of the Bible, illuminating each book’s distinct role in telling God’s story
  • a crash course on who wrote the Scriptures, when they were written, and how they were preserved through the ages
  • the compelling case for why you can believe the Bible truly is the Word of God

Whether you’re a longtime believer looking to better understand Scripture or an interested newcomer seeking answers about Christianity, this accessible guide provides the insight and information you need to see how the Bible portrays a global history that has unfolded in the direction of God’s promises.



3 Books

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