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The Living Word in 3D: Volume 2 – Genesis 5: The Mysteries of Adam to Noah by C.J. Lovik


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The Living Word in 3D: Volume 2

Genesis 5: The Mysteries of Adam to Noah

by C.J. Lovik

Is there a mystery hiding in plain sight just underneath the 22 letters contained in the Hebrew aleph-beit? Has the Creator of the Universe left a watermark for us to discover, as we decipher the pictograms that each Hebrew letter represents? Are there numeric codes that authenticate the ancient redemptive revelations that can be found in the Torah?

Is there a hand at work creating a sublime architecture that reveals the redemptive plan God has for mankind? Are the puzzle pieces visible in plain sight, just waiting to be assembled and understood? If so, what do they reveal? As CJ Lovik began to search out the ancient roots of the Hebrew language he discovered a mystery that had been overlooked by Bible scholars for millennia. Just beneath the text of the refined silver, which we call the primary conventional Hebrew Scriptures, are layers of rubies and diamonds there for the taking. 

Within the structure of each unique letter of the Hebrew aleph-beit there is a uniquely purposeful design which is meant to illuminate our understanding of truth from an other-worldly perspective. What he detected was a divinely coded message system that previewed the portrait of redemption from the eternal perspective. CJ believes that its Divine author carefully illuminated the text as a way to reveal Himself and His character through His Word. After reading The Living Word, Divine inspiration can no longer be questioned. 

CJ Lovik laid the foundation for his Hebrew examination in The Living Word: Book One. Book Two focuses on Genesis Chapter 5 and the names of the 10 Patriarchs from Adam to Noah. Encoded in those names are some of the most amazing proofs of Divine inspiration ever uncovered. Using Hebrew Word Pictures and biblical numerology Lovik has written a book that will shock and amaze. Each chapter is so chock-full of new amazing insights, its hard to keep up.

Packaged in a beautiful, hardcover book, it is one of the most beautiful books we’ve ever seen with outstanding graphs, charts, pictures and amazingly advanced graphic design work like we’ve never seen before. But make no mistake, although it’s a beautifully crafted book, it’s content is what makes it so valuable. Here’s a sampling. 


Chapter 1: A Mystery Unfolds

Chapter 2: What’s in a Name? 

Chapter 3: Adam

Chapter 4: The First Messianic Prophecy

Chapter 5: Satan

Chapter 6: Ha-Mashiach, The Last Adam

Chapter 7: Seth, First From Adam

Chapter 8: The Picture Portrait of Messiah in the Name of Seth

Chapter 9: The Amazing Numbers Found in the Name of Seth

Chapter 10: Destruction of a Covenant

Chapter 11: Enos and Cainan, The Third and Fourth From Adam

Chapter 12: Mahalaleel: The Fifth From Adam

Chapter 13: Mahalaleel: The Good Shepherd

Chapter 14: Jared, The Sixth From Adam

Chapter 15: Enoch, The Seventh From Adam

Chapter 16: Methuselah, The Eight From Adam

Chapter 17: The Mystery of 969

Chapter 18: Lamech, The Ninth From Adam

Chapter 19: Noah

Chapter 20: Summary of Genesis 5



187 pages


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