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Live Streaming Option #4 – Mini-Stream From Only the Main Ballroom – All 22 Messages! (For those on a tight budget!)


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Live Streaming Option #4 – The Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum – October 13-15, 2017

22 Messages in a “Mini-Stream”  This is for the MAIN BALLROOM ONLY! 

A last minute addition to the Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum! A cheaper alternative to Live Streaming! Now you can watch the 22 messages from the Main Ballroom from the comfort of home—for a reduced fee of just $50.00. (The two main ballrooms will present 44 messages for a cost of $80.00). Last year we streamed several thousand people from all over the world and 98% of them chose the two-room option. But we have had a few people who have requested a cheaper option, so HERE IT IS!

This Live Streaming feed is run by a well-known, professional, 3rd party company that even handles events for the White House. The best of the best. This is not a low-quality Facebook feed. It’s a fabulous HD signal that will make you feel like you are right there with us. FYI—a large portion of the revenue from Live Streaming goes directly to them, not to Prophecy Watchers. 

There’s nothing quite like the experience of attending a Bible prophecy conference. Sitting in the front row and watching the heroes of the faith share their passion for the Lord’s return is the highlight of the year for us. In just a few days, October 13-15, 2017, the Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma will be the site of an exciting event—the Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum. We’re anticipating an enthusiastic crowd of perhaps 2,000 people, coming from all over the world to celebrate the Lord’s soon return. It’s a good time to be inspired by the speakers, recharge your spiritual batteries and make a few new friends who share your passion and love for the Bible. 

As wonderful as it is to be surrounded by fellow prophecy lovers, we understand that not everyone is free to travel. Jobs, kids, school, finances, distance and health limitations take precedent, so we’ve created another cost-effective alternative. LIVE STREAMING! All you need is a good Internet connection and you can watch from the comfort of home. 
Many of the 33 well-known speakers will be sharing their messages through a high-definition, Live Streaming feed that will bring our conference right into your home via advanced computer technology. We will be streaming  most of the conference to homes all over the world. In the past, people have tuned in all the way from Singapore, Canada, the UK, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Cyprus, Germany, Nigeria, all across Europe, South Korea . . . too many countries to even count! 
Our prophecy conference stands alone in its variety of both speakers and subjects. We’d like to think we offer something for everyone. Bible prophecy, breaking news from Israel, current events and politics, the supernatural, biblical archaeology discoveries, science, Christian filmmakers, studies on the rapture, the millennium, the New World Order, the doctrine of hell, prophetic evangelism, Hebrew studies . . . it’s a one-of-a-kind event! So many well-known names . . . Stearman, Horn, Gilbert, Ice, Marzulli, Hitchcock, Salus, Price, Ice, Cahn, Koenig, Alberino, Crone, Frazier, Rhodes, Hocking, Miller, Woods, Peck, Kinley, Maginnis, Langford, Johnson, Ben Gigi, McGuire, Teichrib, Lake, Hughes, James . . . and many more—the best of the best! 
We want to continue to have successful prophecy conferences that bless people. And that’s why we need your help and support. This high-tech, Live Streaming solution is what allows us to host an event of this magnitude. You might be shocked to learn that just the audio/video costs of recording and streaming an event like this will cost well over $150,000! Will you help us make this event a great success? 
In addition to the $50.00 option, we have three other great Live Streaming options for you. 
Option #1 streams all of the messages from the two Main Ballrooms. A one-time investment of $80.00 gives you access to a good part of the entire conference. Watch the event from home on your computer, or, if you have Apple TV, watch it right on your TV screen. The best part? You can watch it whenever you like, as many times as you like, for up to 60 days after the event. Unlimited viewing for 60 days! There will also be an opportunity to stream the conference on your ROKU box. Instructions will be included after you register. 
There are two other options that are accessible from other pages within our online bookstore and they come with discounted offers on past and future prophecy conferences. 
Option #2 – An investment of $179.95 provides you with access to Live Streaming, plus we’re going to give you a $50.00 discount on the cost of the entire 2017 Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum DVD Sets. That “pre-sale” will include every message and every Q & A session delivered at the conference. It’s the next best thing to being there. 
Option #3 – An investment of $249.95 provides you with access to Live Streaming, plus the discounted 2017 Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum DVD Sets, PLUS an extra bonus—the entire 2016 Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference on DVD, 78 messages in all—a savings of $130.00!