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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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Klaus Schwab Global Reset Package – A Shocking Expose on the Coming 4th Reich – by Billy Crone, Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


Klaus Schwab: The Third Reich and the Covid 19 Holocaust - The Most Dangerous Man in the World? - Book by Billy Crone - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!7

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Klaus Schwab: The Third Reich and the Covid 19 Holocaust - The Most Dangerous Man in the World? - 4-DVD Set by Billy Crone - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Global Reset: Do Current Events Point to the Antichrist and His Worldwide Empire?- by Pastor Mark Hitchcock - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Available on backorder

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Klaus Schwab Global Reset Package

A Shocking Expose on the Coming 4th Reich

The Most Dangerous Man in the World? 

by Billy Crone, Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

  1. Klaus Schwab – The Third Reich: The Covid 19 Holocaust Book – by Billy Crone
  2. Klaus Schwab – The Third Reich: The Covid 19 Holocaust DVD Set – by Billy Crone 
  3. Global Reset – Book by Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley 

What if I were to tell you that Hitler’s Third Reich never went away? What if I were to inform you that all the evil dastardly things that the Nazis did to humanity back in World War II are actually being repeated today on a much grander scale? And what if I were to disclose to you that all the deceptive tactics that were used to dupe the German people the first time, are actually being used on the world today with even more devastating and mesmerizing effects? 
Well, believe it or not, all this and much more, including another human holocaust, is not only happening, but it’s well underway. Therefore, this book and companion DVD Series, Klaus Schwab: the Third Reich and the Covid 19 Holocaust seeks to equip you with the historical evidence revealing how this evil Hitlerian plan of the ages is being thrust upon you and I, whether we want it or not, or even believe it or not. 
Who would have thought, in a relatively short amount of time that history would be repeating itself with the rise of another even larger Hitlerian Regime on the planet? What Klaus Schwab and his evil gang of Global Elites have planned for us is much grander and wider than what Hitler ever planned to do with even deadlier results. Here’s Billy’s research on this dangerous man. 


 1. Klaus Schwab & the Antichrist Kingdom

2. Klaus Schwab & the Forced Sterilization

3. Klaus Schwab & the Nazis

4. Klaus Schwab & the New Holocaust

5. Klaus Schwab & His Family

6. Klaus Schwab & the Murder for Hire

7. Klaus Schwab & the Third Reich

8. Klaus Schwab & the Death of Freedom

9. Klaus Schwab & the Hitler Scheme

10. Klaus Schwab & His Defeat by God

GLOBAL RESET BOOK by Pastor Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley 

Global Reset will open readers’ eyes and alert them to how world leaders are using the “Great Reset” agenda to seize pandemics, natural disasters and catastrophes, civil disorder, political unrest, and other current events to reshape every facet of life—all pointing toward the universal economy and godless global government of the Antichrist. 

COVID unleashed a cascade of consequences that are now reaching far beyond the pandemic itself. Governments have begun leveraging the coronavirus and even the vaccine as a power grab, setting the stage for further intrusions in the future. These accelerants are driving the world to the precipice of fundamental, irreversible transformation. The winds of change are blowing. Tectonic shifts are underway at every level.  

These realities are alarming by themselves. And yet, there remains a still deeper, more sinister agenda imbedded within. According to prophecies found in the Bible, a one-world government will indeed emerge in the end times. According to the book of Revelation, a future unified government will encompass the whole earth, and Satan himself will be behind it for the ultimate purpose of ruling over all the earth and being worshipped by its inhabitants. While we aren’t in the end times, we’re on the edge of the precipice. In Global Reset, readers will discover:

  • The “Great Reset” agenda that sets the stage for the end time scenario prophesied in Scripture
  • How China and other great nations are beginning to play a dominant role in international, socioeconomic, and political dynamics
  • Possible scenarios regarding America in the end times and what believers can do to stem the tide of decline
  • God’s great reset planned for planet earth and humanity—the millennial reign of Christ 
  • Every person’s needs for an eternal personal reset that can come only through Jesus Christ

Prepare yourself spiritually and arm yourself with information. Find answers to the questions everyone should be asking about current world events and how they may be ushering in Christ’s return.




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