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Keys to the Bible: Bible Code Software – For Windows Based Computers (Windows 10) 


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Keys to the Bible: Bible Code Software

by Computronic Israel Corporation

Here are Bible Codes & more in the latest updated version of The Keys to the Bible. It will help you explore the surface of the Scriptures and research its depths! Using this new software, anyone can make discoveries. It’s the key to the encoded messages contained in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament. Hours can be spent on discoveries about Yeshua (Jesus). You don’t have to be a Hebrew scholar. Just type the search code in English and the program translates it to Hebrew, searches and retrieves the text into a matrix, analyzes it and translates all the “found” words to English. This software incorporates the same “equidistant letter sequence” cipher used by the Israeli scientists and rabbis who discovered the Bible codes. This CDROM is filled with special features such as;


  • Bilingual Bible text in parallel columns
  • User specified menu language, English or Hebrew
  • On screen Hebrew keyboard
  • Bilingual commentaries of the Torah
  • The 613 Commandments of the Torah
  • Summary of each book of the Bible
  • Go to book/chapter/verse
  • Go to Torah portion of the week
  • Complete concordance of Biblical festivals
  • Biblical chronology
  • User expandable bilingual dictionary
  • Biblical lexicon
  • List of Biblical names with translation
  • Automatic code search
  • Automatic code report including statistics of the findings
  • Search within search of retrieved matrix
  • Virtual multi-dimensional matrix split
  • On screen tutorial
  • Seven methods of Gematria plus a User Specified Value method
  • Gematria dictionary and calculator
  • Letter substitution
  • Bilingual anagram feature
  • Bible Code Movie Clip – A presentation of the Code Theory 


For Windows Based Computers (Windows 10) 


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