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Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures: The Identity of the Messiah (ONE AMAZING BOOK!)


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Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures: The Identity of the Messiah

by Meno Kalisher

Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures? Wasn’t He supposed to be in the New Testament only? Of course He is prominently featured in the many prophecies whoch foretell his first and second comings. This amazing book takes a detailed and comprehensive look at these examples. 

But did you know that throughout the Hebrew narrative, Jesus was also there in person? Did you know that He was seen not just by some of the well-known heroes of the faith, but that He met and conversed also with some of the less prominent Jewish figures? 

Why should one bother learning all those details out of a book that is nearly 3000 years old? Because Jesus says: “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also” (John 14:7). There is nothing more important in the world than knowing Jesus – and knowing Him well – because “he who does not have the Son of God does not have life” (1 John 5:12). 


Chapter 1.

1. Absolute God or Composite Unity? One God-Three Entities

2. The meaning of the Hebrew Word for “One” in the Bible

3. The Plurality Indicated by the Title “Elohim” 

4. How Many Entities Are There in One God? 

Chapter 2

1. El Shaddai (Almighty God) 

2. In What Form Did Almighty God Reveal Himself in Old Testament Times

3. The Angel of the Lord

Chapter 3

1. The Names of Almighty God Speak to His Attributes

2. The Commander of the Army of the Lord

3. The Angel of the Lord and the God Who Sees

4. The Angel of His Presence

5. The Redeemer

6. The Anointed of the Lord

7. The Son of God in Psalm 2

8. The Son of God in Proverbs 30

Chapter 4

1. The Manifestations of El Shaddai in the World as Messiah

2. The Messenger of the Covenant: Preparing For the Coming of the Messiah

3. “He” Will Come Suddenly

4. What Has Been Fulfilled So Far? Who is the Messenger of the Covenant?

5. What Will Come to Pass in the Future? 

Chapter 5

1. The Prophecy About the Virgin Birth of the Messiah

2. The Background to the Prophecy: Helplessness

3. You Want a Solution? Ask For Any Miracle You Want

4. A Prophecy For the Distant Future: Behold the Virgin Shall Conceive

Chapter 6

1. One Messiah: Two Comings

2. Rabbinic Definitions of “Messiah” 

Chapter 7

1. The King: The Coming Messiah According to the Old Testament

2. A Banner to the People: The Wolf Shall Also Dwell With the Lamb

3. The Prophecy in Isaiah 11: Part 1- The Identity and Attributes of the Messiah

4. The Prophecy in Isaiah 11: Part 2- The Messianic Era

Chapter 8

1. The Messiah Cut Off: The First Coming of the Messiah to Earth According to the Old Testament

2. The Prophecy of Daniel

3. Building Permits: When Did the 490 Years Begin?

4. The Coming of Messiah: When Did the 483 Years End? 

5. The Fulfillment: Messiah is Cut Off

6. The Future

Chapter 9

1. The Servant of the Lord

2. The Titles “Exalted” and “Extolled” are Reserved For God

3. A Question of Image: God Works in Unusual Ways

4. The Servant of the Lord Suffered For the People of Israel and For All Sinners

5. The Servant of the Lord—The Fulfillment

6. The Blessed Results: The Fruit of Self Sacrifice of the Servant of the Lord

7. Who Gets the Blame?

8. The Servant of the Lord—Summary

Part Three

1. Son of God: Son of Man in the Old and New Testaments

2. Epilogue: To Believe or to Reject? That is the Question? 

3. My Personal Testimony

4. Names, Titles and Descriptions of Jesus the Messiah in the Old Testament

5. Names, Titles and Descriptions of Jesus the Messiah in the New Testament



172 pages



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