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Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus by Joachim Jeremias


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Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

An Investigation into Economic and Social Conditions During the New Testament Period

by Joachim Jeremias

Where does one go to look for information on the population of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus? What were the status and condition of slaves both Jewish and Gentile in the first century of the Christian era? Exactly who were the chief priests referred to so often in the Gospels and Acts? Answers to these and to hundreds of similar questions related to social and economic conditions during the New Testament period are provided in this encyclopedia volume by Joachim Jeremias. 

There are myriads of fascinating fact sin this book you’ve never seen before. Learn about 

  • Local trading
  • Foreign Visitors
  • The Court
  • The Wealthy Class of Israel
  • Taxation
  • The role of the High Priest
  • The unique character of Jerusalem
  • The Buildings and Layout of the Temple
  • Historical Disasters in Jerusalem
  • Jewish Slaves
  • The Social Position of Women
  • The Scribes and Pharisees





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