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Israel the Miracle – The Book – 75 Christian Leaders Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Israel – Encounters With the Land and People God Loves – Shipping Included in the USA


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Israel the Miracle – The Book

75 Christian Leaders Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Israel

Encounters With the Land and the People God Loves

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Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the nation of Israel with the exclusive, limited edition Israel the Miracle book. Israel the Miracle was penned by over 75 different Christian leaders, all offering profound and unique insights on the value and experience of Israel as a nation. Once you make your first journey to Israel and you see Jerusalem the light bulb goes on. You realize exactly where you are and what happened here thousands of years ago. Israel has affected each of these men and women in a different and unique way. This gift-quality, coffee table book is chock full of color photographs of the Land, one more spectacular than the next. It makes for the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Land and loves the Jewish people. 
Memories and stories of how the Promised Land has changed the lives of people are included from noted ministry leaders like …
  • Joel Rosenberg
  • Mark Biltz
  • Pat and Gordon Robertson 
  • Anne Graham Lotz
  • Dr. Ben Carson
  • David Barton
  • Dr. Michael Brown
Some of the fascinating insights and memories include … 
  • The Miracle of Modern Israel
  • Evidence of God’s Existence 
  • German Settlers Arrive in Israel
  • Visiting Israel and Leaving a New Person 
  • America’s Love For Israel: From the Pilgrim’s to the Present 
  • Finding Gold in Jerusalem
  • Against All Odds
  • Israel’s Long Jump: Prophecy Fulfilled 
  • Israel’s Glorious Future
  • Israel Makes the Bible Come Alive 
  • Israel’s Rebirth: A Sign of the Last Days 
  • An Exceedingly Great Army
  • From Tourist to Zionist 
  • Connected by Blood: Bound By Faith
  • From Witness to Advocate: Telling Israel’s True Story Through Film
  • Jerusalem: Measuring Line For the Nations 
  • The Friends of Israel: Bringing Comfort and Hope to God’s People
  • Modern Israel as a Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy 
  • God’s Faithfulness to Israel and the Church 
239 pages
Hardcover, Gift Quality Book 

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