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Isaiah’s Messiah


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Isaiah’s Messiah

by Victor Buksbazen

For 33 years Dr. Victor Buksbazen served with extreme distinction as the executive director of the organization that would mature into The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. The Buksbazens, Victor and Lydia, were exemplary embodiments of the culture, refinement, grace, and gentility of pre-World War II Europe. Following his education at the University of Warsaw, Victor served as a reserve officer in the Polish army. After escaping the horrors of Hitler’s Europe, the Buzsbazens settled in England, where they endured the rigors of the dark days of the blitz.

Upon coming to America, Victor was appointed executive director of the fledgling Friends of Israel Missionary and Relief Society. The founders of the organization could not have made a better choice. Dr. Buksbazen spoke nine languages fluently and was a true scholar in the area of biblical studies and rabbinic Judaism. His mastery of languages and understanding of rabbinic interpretation made him a rare and effective individual in the Christian world. In the view of many, Victor ranks in scholarship and quality with the revered Dr. Alfred Edersheim. This unique volume treats you to Victor’s erudite translation of Isaiah 52-53.

In describing Victor’s superb qualities, one writer once commented. “He possesses the simplicity of the child, the faith of a great soul, the knowledge of a scholar, and the courage of a great missionary, a heart afire for service. His instincts are sweet and virtuous, his mind lofty and ardent and quick with the irresistible fire of an apostle.” 

As you read the pages of this book, you will gain a refreshing glimpse into the mind and soul of a man we know too little of—one who established the bedrock of integrity and direction of the ministry of The Friends of Israel. Beyond all this, however, you will receive a scholarly, thoroughly scriptural, and decidedly Jewish look into the message of the suffering Messiah of Isaiah 53 through the eyes of one, who as a Jew, had himself been through the crucible of affliction and found rest at the foot of the cross. 


Chapter 1- The Controversy

Chapter 2- Jehovah Introduces His Servant

Chapter 3- The Confession of a Penitent People

Chapter 4- The Vicarious Suffering of Jehovah’s Servant

Chapter 5- The Ordeal and Death of Jehovah’s Servant

Chapter 6- The Future Glory of Jehovah’s Servant

Chapter 7- The Personal Testimony of Dr. Victor Buksbazen



76 pages- Hardback

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