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Hebrew World: A Beginner’s Course for ****MAC ONLY****


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Hebrew World

A Multimedia Course For the Beginner: Mac Only

Modern and Biblical Hebrew

by Danny Ben Gigi & Hebrew World

Are you interested in learning Hebrew from an Israeli native? Danny Ben Gigi, the owner of Hebrew World, has created a Hebrew learning course that is easy for children to learn and sophisticated enough for the U.S. Embassy staff in Tel Aviv. This CD ROM is entertaining, enlightening and loaded with beautiful graphics, music and sounds. Danny calls it “the friendliest most effective Hebrew program ever produced.” Danny is the former head of Hebrew programs at Arizona State University. 

His learning course is loaded with the following features

Reading. Writing. Speaking. All in Hebrew

Selected chapters of a talking Bible

Talking clock and calendars

800 Biblical and modern names

Biblical and modern numbers

Scenes from Israel

An Israeli musical tour

Tutorials and basic grammar rules

Fully animated

Both adult’s and children’s voices

Hundreds of printable practice pages


MAC compatible ONLY! (There is a Windows friendly CD in our bookstore)


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