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Check out our “Grab Bag” specials. We’ll send you $500 of Prophecy books and DVDs for a gift of $100 . . . with FREE shipping! Books by Salus, Rhodes, Kinley, LaHaye, Ice, Stearman, Woods and many others!

"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ" -Titus 2:13

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Grab Bag #1 – Receive $100.00 worth of Prophecy Products for $25.00! Buy 1 Get 5 FREE!

$100.00 $25.00

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Grab Bag #1 – Receive $100.00 worth of Prophecy Products for $25.00!

Buy 1 Get 5 FREE! (Or maybe 6 or 7) 


Foreign orders can still get the special offer, but email us from the Contact page at for an exact dollar-for-dollar shipping quote. 

We’ve never done anything quite like this before! It’s the biggest sales promotion in the 3-year history of The Prophecy Watchers. We think you’re going to love it. 

The offer is simple.

For $25.00, we’re going to send you a big box of prophecy products totaling $100.00!

Over 3 years we’ve accumulated all sorts of products.

New books, old books, extra books. 

New DVDs, old DVDs, extra DVDs. DVDs you’ve never seen before. 

Audio CDs, music CDs, Bibles, Prophecy Conference DVDs

We have products from probably 50 different authors and publishers that will soon be coming your way. 

But this is a Grab Bag. You have no idea what you are getting. 

But you know you’ll be getting a bargain. 

And we hope this helps you with your Christmas lists! 

$25.00 gets you $100.00 in mystery products.

This will help us clean up our inventory and make room for all of the new products coming our way.

We get to do some house cleaning and you get a bargain! 

Want an even bigger bargain? 

Try Grab Bag Offer #2. $50.00 gets you $200.00 worth of products! 

Or Grab Bag Offer #3. $100.00 gets you $400.00 worth of products! 

Who knows how many products will come in your package?

Consider it an early Christmas surprise from Gary and Bob!