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Game of Gods – The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment – A Shocking Expose of the Coming One World Government – by Carl Teichrib


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Game of Gods

The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment

A Shocking Expose of the Coming One World Government

by Carl Teichrib

What you are about to read in this book will no doubt shock and upset you. Would it surprise you to learn that there are people in positions of power who are holding corporate gatherings to teach people how to infiltrate churches and destroy them from within? Plans are already underway to eliminate the people who are considered problematic to the NWO, intolerant “haters.” Can you guess who they might be? Carl Teichrib has been clandestinely attending New World Order meeting and seminars for years, never letting on just who he was, or what he believed. The research in this powerful, 552-page  investigative masterpiece, Game of Gods, has come from these top-secret meetings. What he’s discovered in the last 10 years will let you know just how far we are from being introduced to the Antichrist world system. The One World Movement is alive and well and likely coming to a church near you! Get ready for Tower of Babel 2.0! 

“Humanity has three Great Desires

  1. To be as God.
  2. To be Masters of Meaning and Destiny
  3. To build Heaven on Earth – this is that story.” Game of Gods is a comprehensive investigation into the changing nature of Western civilization, the revolutionary replacement of the Judeo-Christian framework with a new, yet ancient paradigm. It is a journey into the cracks and crevices of big history; an expedition into the expanding realm of transformational movements and ideas – forces of change that shift how we think, behave, and relate.
      A sense of uncertainty and foreboding anticipation is palpable, and it’s more than just a feeling in the air. We are witnessing a titanic impact at the crossroads of religion, politics, technology, and culture. Fundamentally, it is a collision of world views – and we are all experiencing the shockwaves. 
       Game of Gods allows you to step back and see the unfolding drama, to understand its points of contact, and to consider challenges and opportunities. In doing so, you will be traveling through the history of ideas, while probing dreams of tomorrow: Step into closed-door meetings at the United Nations, rub shoulders with faith leaders playing politics, scrutinize the religious impulse of technology, and watch how culture becomes a platform for spiritual engineering. A new and dominant mythos emerges, the vision of Oneness. But is this the only claim? 
       A different and contrasting paradigm is considered against the bulwark of One-ism, a reality claim that emanates from beyond time, space, and matter. This, too, has a bearing on ethics, liberty, and freedom. It makes a case for human dignity, hope, and salvation. 
    Game of Gods explores humanity’s three Great Desires, and the clash of two primary world views.

“From politics to transhumanism to the interfaith movement, Western culture is quickly turning away from a biblical worldview and embracing a false gospel of Oneness. Teichrib skillfully explains the roots of this shift and how the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ is still the only hope for a world enraptured with paganism. Game of Gods is exactly the resource the church needs for such a time as this. Read it!
– Janet Mefferd, host of Janet Mefferd Today.

“Game of Gods is the most thorough writing of our generation on the history and inner workings of the one-world movement.” 
– Gary H. Kah, author of En Route to Global Occupation The New World Religion.

“Game of Gods is a must-read. Teichrib draws on primary sources and lets the leaders of a new globalist religion tell you exactly what they’re planning: a new Golden Age ruled by the gods of antiquity.”
– Derek Gilbert, host ofSkyWatchTV and author of Last Clash of the Titans.

“Timely truth with flawlessly documented research, unparalleled scope and insight.”
– Debra Rae, author of ABCs of Globalism.

“One of the most brilliant pieces of work ever written on how the Judeo-Christian narrative has been abandoned in our politics and culture, replaced by a me-god worldview. A must read… for such a time as this!” 
– Cindy Hartline, host of Love For The Truth Radio.



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