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From Today to Eternity – An Exhaustive Study of Biblical Prophecy and the End Times – Volume 1 – By Walter R Scarborough


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From Today to Eternity 

An Exhaustive Study of Biblical Prophecy and the End Times 

The Ultimate Prophetic Commentary! 

Volume 1 – Hardback – 686 Pages 

By Walter R Scarborough 

The Kingdom of God is near. For many believers, it is closer than some might imagine, but how can we all know for sure? Author Walter R. Scarborough wondered the same, while seeing several believers not understanding or being prepared for Jesus’ Second Coming. His new manuscript, From Today to Eternity, is Volume 1 of a multi-volume set that studies Bible prophecy on the end-times and interpreting the Bible to know God’s intentions for the present and the future. Supported by references from renowned theological writers such as Tim LaHaye and Mark Hitchcock, Walter examines the eschatology theology to understand Bible prophecy for eternity in heaven. A full exploration of the Bible is given: from defining dispensationalism to the timing of the Rapture to the Holy Trinity and the relationship of God and the Church. The world is drifting from God; now is the time to come back to Him.

  • Literal Interpretation
  • Futuristic
  • Dispensational 
  • Pretribulational 
  • Premillennial
  • The Church Has Not Replaced Israel 




686 pages 

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