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***Foreign Only*** The October 2017 issue of The Prophecy Watcher Magazine


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This is the place to order single issues of our magazine for shipment to all foreign countries except Canada.

The October 2017 Issue of The Prophecy Watcher magazine includes the following articles:

  1. Gary Stearman – The Antichrist’s Society
  2. Gary Stearman – Our Central Goal
  3. Gary Stearman – Ask Gary Stearman Your Biblical Questions 
  4. Bob Ulrich – This is a Privilege
  5. Bill Salus – Jerusalem: A Burden to the Nations
  6. Andy Woods – Last Days Apostasy of the Church
  7. Jonathan Cahn – How to Multiply Bread
  8. Daniel Wright – Will the Next Jerusalem Temple Fulfill Ezekiel 40-48?


$8.00 (This price includes shipping) 

40 pages