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Footprints of the Messiah Book by Dr. Chuck Missler


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Footprints of the Messiah Book

by Dr. Chuck Missler

What Old Testament Bible Study is mentioned twelve times in one book of the Bible, is given by seven different people and is almost never given today? That Jesus is the Messiah of Israel! How certain can we be that Jesus is the Messiah? Review some of the major passages in the Tanakh (the Old Testament) which predict and describe the Scriptural expectations to be fulfilled in the Messiah of Israel. This study will also take a mathematical analysis of a small sampling from more than 300 predictions concerning the Jewish Messiah. 


CHAPTER 1: Mystery of the Messiah

Jesus as the Old Testament’s Messiah of Israel

In the Beginning

CHAPTER 2: The Genealogy of Noah

A Message in Names

One Integrated Design

CHAPTER 3: The Messiah in the Old Testament

Messiah as the King

Messiah as the Prophet

Messiah as David’s Lord

Messiah as the Eternal Priest

Messiah as Melchizedek’s Offering, Bread and Tithes and Receiving Tithes

Messiah as Counselor, Father, God, Prince of Peace, and Kingly Heir of David

The Son of David

The Triumphal Entry

The Once and Future King

CHAPTER 4: God Has a Son

CHAPTER 5: Jesus’ Family Tree: Lineage of the Messiah

The Abrahamic Covenant

The Davidic Covenant

Two Complementary Genealogies- Matthew and Luke

The House of David

An Exception in the Torah

CHAPTER 6: Human (So Human) Ancestors

The Book of Ruth


Distinguished Family tree

CHAPTER 7: The Execution of the Messiah

The Akedah: Abraham’s Offering of Isaac

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Satan’s Stratagems

Biblical Accounts of Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Three Days

CHAPTER 8: Puns in Scripture

I Am a Worm

A Scarlet Cord

Moses and the Rock

CHAPTER 9: The Silent Years in Christ’s Life

Psalm 69

CHAPTER 10: One True Allegiance

Koinonia Institute

CHAPTER 11: How Can We Know?

Epistemological Approach

Integrity of Design

CHAPTER 12: The Identity of Jesus Christ

Prophetic Scriptures

CHAPTER 13: The Old Testament

Old Testament Prophecies Quoted in the Gospels

CHAPTER 14: Eight Prophecies and Probabilities

CHAPTER 15: Silver Dollars and Statistical Analysis

A Joke to Illustrate Statistics

Composite Probabilities

Probabilities of 8 Prophecies Combined to 16 Prophecies

Probability of 48 Prophecies Combined

CHAPTER 16: Who is Jesus Christ? 

Gabriel’s Prediction

The Coming King

CHAPTER 17: A Challenge



149 pages

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