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Follow To Lead: The 7 Principles to Being a Great Follower


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Follow To Lead: The 7 Principles to Being a Great Follower

by Don Mercer

Great leaders are precious; great followers, priceless!

Follow to Lead: The 7 Principles to Being a Great Follower” is for busy people who don’t want to read hundreds of pages of research and anecdotes to get to the nuggets they can apply immediately. It cuts to the chase on surviving and thriving in all types of organizations: business, church, ministry, family.

Based on Biblical concepts the 7 principles are straight forward, practical, easy to remember and timeless. It is more than just a book of principles, it is a tool you can use today whether you are a leader or follower or both.  No training required.

Follow to Lead” is a humorous and thus unforgettable approach to creating the right organizational culture for success.  How-to instructions will guide the novice and professional to use the book in creating the optimal environment in all organizations.

It includes a tongue-in-cheek section which answers certain questions about Jesus including:

  • Is He a good example of a great leader or is He best viewed as a plain and simple follower?

  • Considering His small band of followers and their track record, would Jesus be considered a success today?

Follow to Lead” focuses on designing and establishing a “Followership Culture” that creates great followers and team members from which great leaders will emerge. Plus it describes how leaders must lead in the Followership Culture. No matter where you are in the hierarchy of any organization, this is the book that bonds together all followers and leaders by creating the foundational elements of the culture and drives success.

Author Bio

Don Mercer is a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and CIA operations officer.  He has been a leader and follower in combat operations in Viet Nam and led and participated in intelligence collection operations in the former East Germany, Soviet Union, Africa and East Europe. He was decorated for heroism and achievements and many of his activities remain undisclosed.  He has been the CEO of two major non-profit organizations.  He founded the Generation E Institute, a thriving youth entrepreneurship education organization.  He and his wife Sandy serve their church and community in Michigan.



121 pages

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