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Eusebius: The Church History—A New Translation with Commentary, Charts and Maps


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Eusebius: The Church History—A New Translation with Commentary, Charts and Maps

The Fascinating Story of the Early Christians by the Church’s First Historian

by Paul L. Maier

Eusebius of Caesarea (AD 260-339) wrote ten books that preserve the early history of the brave martyrs, the dauntless defenders of the faith, and even those who renounced their faith in the face of persecution. For decades, however, his crucial work has been shackled to stilted and outdated translations that obscured the rich legacy of the early Church. 

Renowned historian, Dr. Paul L. Maier has created a new dynamic, contemporary English translation that remains faithful to the original Greek text but liberates Eusebius’s work from its literary chains, creating an accessible source for anyone, lay or professional, who is interested in the early history of Christianity. 

  • What happened to Jesus’ disciples later in life?
  • When were the Gospels written, who wrote them and where? 
  • Did Peter ever get to Rome?
  • Where did John spend the rest of his life?
  • Did Nero condemn Paul in Rome, or set him free? 
  • How did the New Testament canon develop? 
  • Why and how were the early Christians persecuted? 

With more than 150 full-color photographs, maps, and illustrations; an insightful introduction to Eusebius and his works; commentaries on the significant historical developments in each book; and four exhaustive indexes listing persons, places, and subjects cited, as well as photographs and illustrative material, this new edition is the standard source for any reader wanting to know both the triumphs and tragedies of the early church. 



412 pages

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