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Entebbe: The Jonathan Netanyahu Story


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Entebbe: A Defining Moment in the War on Terrorism

The Jonathan Netanyahu Story

By Iddo Netanyahu

Most of us are familiar with the now-legendary “raid on Entebbe.” The rubble of 9/11 awakened many to the harsh fact that terrorists really do want to destroy their perceived enemies. Today’s global war on terrorism, raging day and night, can be won using the uncompromising lesson learned from Entebbe; those who guard freedom must be very courageous indeed; to preserve for future generations the truth that good is stronger than evil. 

A member of the Israeli military’s elite hostage rescue force said, “There was this reddish light and I remember that we saw his face. He wasn’t wearing his beret, or his ammo vest or gun . . . he spoke to all the men, smiled at us, said a few words of encouragment to each one. It was as though he were leaving us, as though he knew what was going to happen to him. He didn’t issue any orders, but just tried to instill confidence. I remember that he shook hands with the youngest guy on the force . . . he acted more like a friend. I sensed that he felt from here on, everything depended on these men. He’d seen a lot of combat, and quite a few of the soldiers there had seen none at all, or a lot less than he had. And I remember him going by, joking a little, exchanging a few words, easing the men’s tension before battle. 

What a fabulous blow-by-blow account we get of this top-secret Israeli rescue mission in Uganda. As hard as it is to believe, one man on the secret raid was killed, perhaps the most combat-ready soldier there, Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother, Jonathan. But not before pulling off one of the most daring rescues in Israel’s history. Here’s the history of that event and a look inside the Netanyahu family, a family that has made history and finds themselves right in the middle of Israel’s future. 



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