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End Times Nephilim Deception DVD – by Ryan Pitterson


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End Times Nephilim Deception DVD

by Ryan Pitterson

Jesus Christ prophesied that the key sign of the approach of the end times would be unprecedented deception. And today, there is a deception taking place that is so secret and mysterious even the most passionate students of Bible prophecy and the supernatural are unaware of it. The past few years have seen the rise of dozens of books, movies, TV shows and video games based on the account of Genesis 6, the Nephilim and the Flood of Noah judgment. However, rather than tell the biblical truth, they have twisted the Scripture to recast the Nephilim and the Fallen Angels as heroes … sympathetic figures … even as Messiahs. Children, teens and young adults have been bombarded with a message that is not only leading them away from the Christian faith and casting God as a villain… it’s even preparing them for the rise of Antichrist. 

Join Ryan Pitterson, author of best-selling books, Judgment of the Nephilim and the Final Nephilim, as he exposes this sinister plan and the war for the hearts and minds of our younger generation. This documentary is a clear proclamation to our youth that God’s Word … the Bible, is the truth. 



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