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David Flynn Collection, The


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The David Flynn Collection

By David Flynn

Published by Tom Horn & Defender Publishing

For nearly two decades the late David Flynn published his original and ground-breaking research on cutting edge subjects. Many of the men who have published their books and DVDs owe their work to David’s original research. Flynn was a true genius, admired by many for his incredible, eye-opening discoveries. Author and publisher Tom Horn, a close friend and admirer of David’s, took it upon himself to create a unique literary and visual tribute, re-publishing two of his most popular books—Temple at the Center of Time and Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars. This oversized, special edition book is also filled with pictures of David’s life. 

The subject material is a microcosm of David’s research. UFOs, Mount Hermon, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and it’s bizarre mathematical qualities, the possibility of life on Mars, Isaac Newton and his quest for biblical, scientific and mathematical knowledge, ancient artifacts, NASA’s secrets, the Ark of the Covenant and the Nephilim. 

Much of Flynn’s advanced knowledge is crammed into this 515-page book, designed and written for people who aren’t afraid to walk a bit close to the edge. Author Steve Quayle paid Flynn the ultimate tribute saying, “He was a time-sensitive repository of God’s revealed knowledge, whose contemporary understanding spanned the decades past, as well as unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos in a manner no one on Earth has ever embraced. The full meanings of his writings are yet to be fully understood.” 

Product ID# BK014

515 pages


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