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The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament – For a Deeper Understanding of the Word by Spiro Zodhiates


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The Complete Word Study Dictionary

For a Deeper Understanding of the Word

New Testament 

by Spiro Zodhiates

Interested in studying the New Testament like a real Bible scholar? This is one of the major tools Gary Stearman uses in his Bible studies. 

The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament is a wonderful tool for anyone interested in studying the words of the New Testament. This monumental work is the result of 46 years of research by the editor, Dr. Spiros Zodhiates.

The dictionary offers definitions and explanations for every word used in the Greek New Testament. Each entry is identified by a number from Strong’s Greek Dictionary, so that readers can make great use of the information that is given about each word, even if they have no working knowledge of the Greek language.

This dictionary is a companion volume to The Complete Word Study New Testament, which identifies the words of the Greek text of the New Testament by the placement of Strong’s numbers and grammatical codes over the English text.

While no book can replace the insight that can be gained by a formal study of the Greek language, how many people will ever study Greek, and how many who have studied it in the past have forgotten some of what they learned? As you read the entries in this dictionary, the idiom and nuance of the original Greek text will open up before you, and you will arrive at a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Key features include:

• Derivation

• Etymology (Word History)

• Exegetical Commentary

• Synonym, Antonym and Derivative Lists



1505 pages


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