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The Coming Technocalypse on MP3: 5 Hours on Emerging Technologies in End-Times Prophecy by Josh Peck


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The Coming Technocalypse on MP3

Emerging Technologies in End-Times Prophecy

by Josh Peck

Josh Peck joins investigative researchers and radio hosts Doug and Joe Hagmann to expose the role of future technologies in biblical prophecy. For the first time ever, learn the true depth of quantum physics in end-time eschatology. Discover the dark and mysterious intentions of CERN. Uncover the hidden meanings behind UFOs, and their sinister, other-worldly pilots. In this explosive report you will find answers to all your questions about scientific and prophetic connections. Even more, Josh goes out of his way to explain these things clearly and easily for anyone to understand. Discover the truth for yourself and learn how to defend against The Coming Technocalypse



5 hours on MP3

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