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Christ in You: The Hope of Glory – Studies in Colossians and Gnosticism by David Hocking


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Christ in You: The Hope of Glory – Studies in Colossians

by David Hocking

Colossians is one of the smaller letters of the Apostle Paul, but powerful in its teaching, especially about the true identity of the Messiah of Israel, our blessed Lord Yeshua. Most books on Colossians mention in brief the heresy known as “Gnosticism.” Most scholars believe that it was a factor in Paul’s teaching, but few books give any details about what “Gnostics” actually believe. We have taken the time to reveal those details that we all might have a greater understanding of its influence even in the present day.

The admonitions of the Apostle in this epistle are truly outstanding and so beneficial to the life and walk of believers today. Paul never visited the city as far as we know, but his relationship with Epaphras helped him greatly in exhorting them and helping them to deal with life and culture in the first century AD.

Colossians is one of the letters known as the “Prison Epistles” and included Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. They were all written during Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome from which he was released. 

The teaching of this little four-chapter book can change a person’s life  . . . may it be true of all of us who read it.



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