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Cherubim Chariots: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis


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Cherubim Chariots: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis

by Josh Peck

Foreword by Mark A. Flynn

For years, the extraterrestrial hypothesis has dominated the land of ufology. However, there is a another theory that might provide more substantial answers to the UFO phenomenon. In Cherubim Chariots, researcher and author, Josh Peck, explores the fringe of the extradimensional hypothesis to show the stunning possibility that UFOs and their pilots originate from a higher dimension. Discover answers to paradigm-shifting questions such as:

Were extradimensional craft and other-worldy beings reported in antiquity?

Who are the mysterious Cherubim and what role do they play in the affairs of mankind?

Did non-human enemies leave behind evidence showing their extradimensional nature?

Are higher dimensions interacting with our own? 

Are there prophecies pointing to a possible return of extradimensional beings? 

What is our true origin?

How do we prepare for what is ahead? 

The definitive guide to preparing for extradimensional intelligence is here! 


Chapter 1- Who Are the Cherubim?

Chapter 2- Extradimensional Entities of Ancient India

Chapter 3- Ancient Technology in Antiquity (Plus an interview with Cris Putnam) 

Chapter 4- Hebrew Visions of Chariots (Elijah and Enoch) 

Chapter 5- Visions Through Time and Space (Zechariah’s Scroll) 

Chapter 6- Unfolding Cherubim (Ezekiel’s Vision & the Norway Spiral) 

Chapter 7- Living Extradimensional Vehicles (UFOs) 

Chapter 8- The Topographical Spacemen (Nazca, Mount Hermon & Roswell) 

Chapter 9- Interstellar Prophecies (The Orion Connecton plus an interview with S. Douglas Woodward) 

Chapter 10- The Dwelling of God (The Temple and the Spirit) 


$25.00 (Shipping included in the USA) 

201 pages

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