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The Book of Daniel – The Smart Guide to the Bible – by Daymond R. Duck and Larry Richards


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The Book of Daniel

The Smart Guide to the Bible

The Bible Made Easy 

by Daymond R. Duck and Larry Richards

The Bible is loaded with valuable insights for every area of your life. The Smart Guide to the Bible lets you easily uncover them all . . . even the passages you once thought were hard to understand.

Kings grazing on grass, godly men thrown to the lions, golden-headed statues with feet of clay—explore an amazing mix of inspiring history and perplexing prophecy with this clear and clever guide! Understand Daniel’s signs and symbols, discover how events he predicted have, or are coming to pass, and draw encouragement from his courageous example.

Smart Guide Features:


  • Easy-to-read articles about every thought in The Book of Daniel
  • Graphically-driven pages to help you understand what you’re reading
  • Directional icons to show the way to deeper study
  • Generous margins for note taking
  • Inspiring quotes from today’s best communicators to help you think about what you’re learning




365 pages

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