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Blood Lies: The Redwing Saga – Book One by Sharon K. Gilbert – A Novel Based on 19th Century England at the Time of Jack the Ripper


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Blood Lies: The Redwing Saga – Book One

A Novel Based in 19th Century England at the Time of Jack the Ripper

by Sharon K. Gilbert

There exists an international group of well-heeled, but black-hearted men who have performed unspeakable rituals like those seen in Whitechapel … over and over for many hundreds of years. It is a collective known only to those outside it as “Redwing.”

-Elizabeth Stuart, Duchesss of Branham

Jack the Ripper’s deeds actually began in 1879, when the torn, decapitated body of a beautiful woman and an unconscious girl were discovered in Whitechapel by Detective Inspector Charles St. Clair. Little does the detective know that his entire life is about to change; who he is; what he is; and what he believes about the spiritual realm. All because of a little girl named Elizabeth and the devilish men who chase her.

A group that calls themselves redwing.



433 pages

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