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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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A Complete Set of Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum 2017 DVD Sets with a FREE Hebrew Calendar! 32 DVDs – 63 Powerful Messages!

$149.95 $129.95

Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum 2017 DVDs - Volume 1 - 15 Messages

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Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum 2017 DVDs - Volume 2 - 16 Messages

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Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum 2017 DVDs - Volume 3 - 16 Messages

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Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum 2017 DVDs - Volume 4 - 16 Messages

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Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum 2017 DVD Sets

4 Volumes – 63 Messages!! 

Recorded LIVE at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center in Norman, OK, October 11-13, 2017.

Our conference DVDs are presently at the duplication house and will likely be available in early March.

This represents a complete set of conference DVDs and includes every message and Q & A from the entire conference.

It also comes with a FREE BONUS, a 2017/2018 Hebrew Calendar!


  1. Opening Comments
  2. Gary Stearman – Deciphering the Last Generation
  3. Closing Comments
  4. Brent Miller Sr. – Lost Understandings From the Ancient World
  5. David Schnittger – Glimpses of the Coming Christ in Zechariah
  6. L.A. Marzulli – Fatima: Miracle of the Sun? Or a Harbinger of Deception? 
  7. Josh Peck – Divisionist Christianity and the End Times 
  8. Billy Crone – Artificial Intelligence and the Coming Apocalypse
  9. Carl Teichrib – Oneness in the Temple of Man 
  10. Andy Woods – Is the Rapture in II Thessalonians 2:3?
  11. Mark Hitchcock – Your Final Exam – The Judgment Seat of Christ 
  12. Randall Price – The Search For the Dead Sea Scrolls
  13. Michael Lake –  Overcoming the Babylonian/Watchers Matrix
  14. Derek Gilbert – Last Clash of the Titans: Mystery Babylon and the Clash of the Old Gods
  15. Ken Johnson – The Ancient Syrian War Prophecy
  16. Bill Koenig – America Under Siege
  17. Claudia Koenig – How To Share Jesus With a Lost World All Around You
  1. Tom Hughes – America in the New World Order
  2. Andy Woods – Why Christians Should Support Israel
  3. Paul McGuire – Global Economic Reset
  4. JD Farag – The Pre-Trib Rapture in the Old Testament 
  5. Tim Alberino – Resurgence of the Empire of the Gods
  6. Tom Hughes – America Under Judgment
  7. Andy Woods – Last Days Apostasy
  8. Sharon Gilbert – The Real Jack the Ripper: Spiritual Warfare in the 19th Century
  9. Randall Price – Prophecy in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  10. Bill Salus – The Prophetic Gap: The Antichrist, the Harlot and the Temple Mystery 
  11. Mark Hitchcock – Russia Rising
  12. Josh Peck – Podesta and Wikileaks
  13. Brent Miller Jr. – Preparing For the Coming Convergence
  14. David Hocking – Israel and the Promises of God
  15. Dr. Danny Ben Gig – God’s Secrets That Only Hebrew Can Reveal
  16. Thomas Ice- The Biblical Necessity of a Pre-Trib Rapture
  1. Jonathan Cahn – The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times
  2. Billy Crone – The Imminence of Hell
  3. Bill Koenig – Middle East Update
  4. Paul McGuire – Globalist Elite and Their Plan For the World
  5. Jack Langford – The Gap is Not a Theory
  6. Terry James – Are You Rapture Ready or Not? 
  7. Derek Gilbert – Charting the Uttermost North: Why Gog of Magog Won’t Be Human
  8. Stearman, Marzulli, Alberino – The Nephilim Discussion Forum
  9. Jeff Kinley – The End of America 
  10. Carl Teichrib – Is God Green? 
  11. Ken Johnson – The Ancient Prophecy of Gad the Seer
  12. Sharon Gilbert – The Return of the Ancients Through Pharmakeia, Necromancy & Virtual Reality
  13. Bill Koenig – Trump in the Eye of the Hurricane: His Final Day Role
  14. Sharon Gilbert – Epigenetics & the Age of Machines: Self-Directed Apotheosis
  15. Ron Rhodes – End Times Super Trends
  16. Thomas Ice – Israel’s Divine and Legal Right to the Land
  1. Paul McGuire – The Trump America Prophecy
  2. In Their Own Words – The UFO Abduction Phenomenon
  3. Tom Horn – Giants, Saboteurs and the Secret Destiny of America
  4. Derek Gilbert – Return of the Great Old Ones: Crowley, Chaos & the ET Disclosure
  5. Stearman, Ice, Woods, Farag & Crone – The Rapture Discussion Forum
  6. Jack Langford – The Threefold Order of Resurrection
  7. Michael Lake – The Sheeryith Imperative
  8. Bob Maginnis: Inside the War on Trump by Corrupt Elites, Secret Societies and the Builders of an Imminent Final Empire
  9. Billy Crone – Proof of the Pre-Trib Rapture
  10. David Hocking – The Messiah Of Israel: The Key to God’s Plan 
  11. Josh Peck – The UFO/Israel Connection of 2017/2018
  12. Thomas Ice – Christian Zionism: Beliefs and History
  13. Bill Salus – The Catholic Church in the Tribulation Period
  14. Jeff Kinley – The Coming Apostasy
  15. Carl Teichrib – The Challenge of the Re-enchantment
  16. Bill Salus – The Zechariah 12 and Psalm 83 Connection 





$129.95 (Save $20.00)