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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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Biblical Archaeology Comes Alive – Volume 2 – Six Fascinating DVDs from Archaeologists and Biblical Explorers!


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Biblical Archaeology Comes Alive

6 Fascinating DVDs from Archaeologists and Biblical Explorers!

 Volume 2

1. Randall Price – Prophecy in the Dead Sea Scrolls
2. Michael Lake – Jericho: Understanding Spiritual Strongholds
3. Randall Price – Ready to Rebuild: The Latest Plans to Rebuild the Temple
4. Aaron Lipkin –  Joshua’s Altar: Mt. Ebal and Samaria Come Alive
5. Randall Price – Is the Temple Mount the Hoax of the Millennium?
6. Tim Mahoney: Who is Not the Pharaoh of the Exodus and Why It is So Important?



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