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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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Betrayal of the Chosen – Are the Palestinians Fact or Fable? – 2-Hour Audio CD by Dr. Chuck Missler


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Betrayal of the Chosen

Are the Palestinians Fact or Fable?

2-Hour Audio CD by Dr. Chuck Missler

Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. Psalm 121:4

On 14 May 1948, Israel declared its independence. It was immediately at war with its Arab neighbors. Today Israel’s enemies are once again preparing for war. Once again, the goal is Israel’s complete annihilation. In the decades that have passed since the creation of the modern state of Israel, this tiny nation has fought for its survival against all odds. It has survived several major wars and decades of violence. However it is important to remember that the history of the Jews in the Promised Land actually dates back more than 3000 years. It is not only important, it is imperative, because in Israel the past, present and future are inextricably linked. It could be argued that in no other place on the planet does history play a more central role than in this war-torn region.

In the media, the propaganda war rages equally fiercely, paralleling the very conflict it describes. Talk show hosts parade an army of so-called experts in front of the cameras who spew a bewildering array of claims, counter-claims, propaganda, information and disinformation. They leave the uninformed Westerner with the impression this is a bad family feud and that any wise person should not get involved. It is virtually impossible to sort out the arguments presented by either side without a lot of effort, but one thing is painfully obvious: both sides can’t even agree on the historical facts that spawned today’s conflict.

How Did We Get Here?

Anti-Semitism has become a serious problem throughout the world. Some may blame the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab media or Islamic leadership for fostering anti-Semitism. Others believe that such racially-motivated hatred is limited to neo-Nazi groups and radical Islamic sects.

However hatred of the Jews goes back long before the advent of television and modern media, even before the Nazi party took power in Germany and back beyond the emergence of the Islamic faith. The real root of anti-Semitism is Satan’s desire to thwart God’s plan for the redemption of mankind. Anti-Semitism exists in many places and many forms. It may be displayed in blatant aggression or in more subtle and subversive ways, but every aspect is aimed at the destruction of God’s chosen people.

Many people today do not take the Word of God seriously. Some ignore it, many disbelieve or deny it, and others dilute its meaning with conjectures, allegories, and redefinitions. But God says what He means, and means what He says. God delights in making and keeping His promises.

A disturbing aspect of many modern churches is their failure to appreciate the seriousness of God’s covenant with Israel. Some believe that Israel “forfeited her promises” by rejecting her Messiah, and that these promises now devolve somehow symbolically, or allegorically, upon the Church. This false doctrine has been taught for centuries and unfortunately such “replacement theology” still continues to pervade the doctrines of many Protestant denominations today.

Most diligent Bible students understand Israel’s history up to the Crucifixion, but few really understand how Israel’s present predicament came about. These vital chapters in Israel’s history should not be overlooked. For more information on the Nation of Israel from the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD to the present, check out our briefing called The Betrayal of the Chosen



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