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Babylon: It’s History and Prophecies by David Hocking


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Babylon – Its History and Prophecies

by David Hocking

Babylon is mentioned 286 times in the Bible, including its origin and early beginning in the Mesopotamian Valley. The first ruler was named Nimrod, and according to a multitude of legends, his wife’s name was Semiramis – known as the “Queen of Heaven.” Her story is a remarkable insight into what paganism is all about, and her idolatry and immorality were well known in ancient history.

The religion of Babylonianism has penetrated all nations of the earth according to the Bible, and this religious system has seduced and deceived the entire world for over 4000 years. It is primarily a religious belief and practice that has affected past empires, and most of the kings who have ruled this planet.

In Revelation 17-18 we have fascinating details about Babylonianism, its mystery and its fall. The Book of Revelation pictures a prostitute sitting upon a seven-headed beast with ten horns on its 7th head. The Antichrist will apparently arise out of a future confederacy that will divide the world into ten divisions.

The Babylonian religious system will culminate in its diabolical seduction of all nations and will challenge the heart and soul of Christian belief and practice. This book is a serious study that warns us all!



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