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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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(USA ONLY) $19.95 Annual Subscription to The Prophecy Watcher (12 issues- USA Only)


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Prophecy Watchers has launched a monthly magazine—THE PROPHECY WATCHER. Our new, 4-color magazine arrives in mailboxes 12 times a year with lots of provocative writing inside that will make you really think! Surely it’s worth $1.67 a month! You keep buying your prophetic resources from our magazine and we’ll keep the price low! (THANKS ONE AND ALL FOR SUCH UNBELIEVABLE, SUPERNATURAL SUPPORT OF THIS PUBLICATION!) 

In addition to the gifted prophetic writing talents of Gary Stearman, many other well-known friends will be joining us from time to time on this new prophetic adventure. While many magazines feature the writing talents of a few staff writers, I can’t think of another prophetic publication that features the top-drawer names in the world of Bible prophecy—month after month. Not an ounce of pablum in this bunch! It’s a struggle already to decide who to put in and who to leave out! And who knows who we’ll add next month? Writers are calling us already submitting articles! Check out this lineup of great thinkers! Did I say it was only $19.95? Just look at a few of these names! 

Gary Stearman– Quite simply the number one, cutting-edge, prophetic writer of this generation. No pablum or rehashed discoveries in sight! His Time Travelers of the Bible book, 25 years in the making, is all the proof you need! Gary is famous for seeing things in the Bible that the rest of the world has never noticed before. From his ground-breaking discoveries in the Hebrew alphabet; to researching and identifying the Bloodline of the Antichrist in the Book of Daniel; moving on to such controversial subjects as UFOs; the Nephilim; the pre-tribulation rapture; the identification of Israel as the most important sign of the last days; the origin and fall of Satan; Dispensationalism; intimate knowledge of Greek and Hebrew (and at least 10 other languages)—quite simply his Bible knowledge and prophetic discoveries know no equal. God has given him a gift and his new platform at The Prophecy Watcher will allow him to expound on the things God sends his way. Seemingly all the time! Most of Gary’s best discoveries have yet to be published! But I bet he’ll publish them now. As the first Prophecy Watchers YouTube video said clearly—he hasn’t retired—he hasn’t been resting—he’s been making big plans! The Prophecy Watcher magazine is a great first step back to his always-classic studies. 

Bill Koenig– The author of the best-selling book, Eye to Eye and the creator of the amazing, prophecy-oriented news website,—this is the first place many of us visit every day to get the latest breaking prophetic news. This Washington correspondent and frequent Israeli traveler keeps us abreast of breaking prophetic news in both the USA and Israel and all around the world.  

Tom Horn– The executive producer of Skywatch TVand CEO of Defender Publishing, this former pastor, best-selling author, researcher and creative genius has no equal. His son named him, “Mr. Big Ideas” for good reason! Tom has changed the face of the prophetic book publishing world singlehandedly and has thrilled millions with his unique research into those things “you’ll never hear about in church. You’ve seen his books on the top of the NY Times best sellers—On the Path of the Immortals, Zenith 2016, Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana, Nephilim Stargates and The Ahriman Gate just to mention a few. Our inaugural issue will feature an article on Tom’s new upcoming film on transhumanism, Inhuman. With Tom Horn you know you are always getting the very latest trends in society, all of them viewed through the lens of Bible prophecy. 

L.A. Marzulli– The co-producer of the super-successful Watchers Series, this global adventurer consistently uncovers new information on the world of the supernatural. The Nephilim, biblical archaeology, UFOs, Strange Sounds, the Shroud of Turin, news from Israel . . .  always ground-breaking. Always fresh. Always unique. We can’t wait to see what L.A. has in store for our readers! His best-selling books, On the Trail of the Nephilim (Volumes 1 & 2), Further Evidence, Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural, The Cosmic Chess Match, Nephilim Trilogy and his new, soon-to-be-released book, Days of Chaos set him apart as one of the country’s top prophetic writers and researchers.  A passionate guy with a special calling! 

Bill Salus– This ground-breaking author of Psalm 83 and Nuclear Showdown in Iran says his best writing on the coming Mideast wars is yet to come. He has some new, unreleased discoveries that will soon the grace the pages of The Prophecy Watcher magazine. From ISIS, to new discoveries in several Old Testament books, Bill is on the cusp of every major trend coming out of the Middle East. An expert on many key prophetic passages of Scripture. 

Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi– Danny’s unique knowledge and mysteries of the Hebrew language will amaze you month after month. A full understanding of the hidden things of the Bible can only be found by uncovering the secrets contained in the original language of the Old Testament Scriptures. No one does it better than Danny. His ministry, Hebrew World, is the leading source of Hebrew resources for Christians. Danny will have a regular monthly column, God’s Secrets Only Hebrew Can Reveal, where he will share the things from the Hebrew Scriptures that can’t be seen in our English Bibles. 

Ken Johnson– An expert on the Ancient Church Fathers, the apocryphal writings, including the Book of Enoch, the Book of Daniel and the Old Testament prophets. Ken is one of the world’s most talented writers and researchers on virtually every subject in the Bible. Just check out the Prophecy Watchers online bookstore for his mammoth body of fascinating work! 

Avi Lipkin– Avi will bring us “insider news” from Israel from the Jewish perspective, many times scooping the news media and well-known prophecy teachers with his unique Middle East insights. An expert on ISIS, Avi has set his sights on the growing Islamization of America. His new book, Islamic Rivalry, makes some startling predictions about the future of the Middle East. And America. 

Carl Teichrib– Carl will writing on little-known subjects like the NWO, Freemasonry, the United Nations, the new educational systems, the New Age evolution and Transhumanism. This talented “man behind the curtain” will amaze you with his understanding of things that are kept from us by the secular media. He makes it a habit of closely tracking the latest “insider news” on the men and plans of the NWO.  

Brent Miller Sr.- The co-producer of the excellent DVD, The Final Prophecies, and the study series on the Book of Revelation, Decoding the Future, Brent is a wealth of prophetic knowledge and understanding. He will soon be thrilling our readers with many things you will never hear in church! His films and DVDs have no prophetic equal. 

Daniel Wright– Doubling as our superb content and magazine designer, Daniel has a heart and love for Israel. His monthly column for The Prophecy Watcher will reflect his love of the Promised Land. Many years ago, Daniel spent almost two months exploring every nook and cranny of the Holy Land. His writings will no doubt reflect his personal experiences and interest in biblical archaeology. A special interest lies in the identification of the Temple Mount, a brewing controversy. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Israel and the things that took place in various cities during Bible times, Daniel’s monthly column will fill you in on the details!

For those of you who missed the first 7 issues of our magazine, those issues are available in a 7-pack in our online bookstore for $17.50 & S/H.


One-Year Annual Subscription (12 issues) 

Product # Sub2015

A dozen writers with more on the way! 

$19.95 ($1.67 an issue!)