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Ancient Word of God by Ken Johnson


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Ancient Word of God

by Ken Johnson

Is there a verse missing from your Bible? Would you like to know why it was removed? This book covers the history of the transmission of the Bible text through the centuries. It examines and proves, based on Bible prophecy, which Greek texts faithfully preserve the ancient Word of God. 

You will learn about the 1st century cults that created their own warped Bibles and of the warnings that the ancient church gave in regard to the pure text. Over two hundred English Bibles are compared. 

In an effort to get a clear picture of why we have so many Bibles, Ken Johnson has created a master list showing 217 English Bibles. He first looks briefly at their history. Then he looks at the languages they were translated from, which manuscripts were reliable, and which had numerous errors. Finally, Ken looks at the people, societies, denominations, or cults that created these Bibles and what they may have been trying to do to the text. As usual, he provides us with a fabulous, easy-t0-grasp explanation of some controversial and difficult subjects. 


1. Master List of English Bibles

2. Inspiration of Scripture

3. Bible History

4. LXX and Vulgate Old Testament

5. The Majority Text

6. The Critical Text

7. Pre 18th Century Bibles

8. 18th and 19th Century Bibles

9. 20th Century Bibles

10. 21st Century Bibles

11. Isaiah 7; Daniel 9 and Micah 5

12. Luke 1-2; I Timothy 3

13. I John 5:7-8

14. Study Bibles

15. Commentaries and Dictionaries



165 pages


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