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The Ancient Language of Dreams and Their Biblical Interpretation


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The Ancient Language of Dreams and Their Biblical Interpretation

by Ken Johnson

The prophet Joel predicted that in the last days God would pour out His Spirit on believers, and young people would see visions and old people would dream dreams. We need to learn the ancient language of dreams and the biblical importance of how to properly interpret them. In this book, we give numerous examples of God speaking though dreams and visions. We will also look at the dreams of Abraham and the Persian Magi given in extra-biblical documents. I included a small selection of dreams I have had over the years. We will look at these carefully and see patterns that will help us learn the language of God.


Introduction to Dreams

Biblical Examples of Literal Dreams

1. Abimelech

2. Jacob at Bethel

3. Jacob and Laban

4.  Laban

5. Solomon

6. Joseph Learns Mary is Pregnant

7. The Magi

8. Joseph Flees to Egypt

9. Pilate’s Wife

10. Paul’s Macedonian Vision

11. Paul’s Corinth Mission

12. Cornelius’ Dream

Biblical Examples of Symbolic Dreams

1. Abraham’s Covenant

2. Joseph’s Eleven Sheaves and Stars

3. Joseph- The Butler and the Baker

4. Joseph- Before Pharaoh

5. Gideon

6. The Lying Spirit

7. Isaiah’s Call to Service

8. Jeremiah’s Basket of Figs

9. Ezekiel’s Dry Bones

10. Ezekiel’s Two Sticks

11. Nebuchadnezzar’s Idol

12. Nebuchadnezzar’s Tree

13. The Handwriting on the Wall

14. Daniel’s Beast

15. Ram and Goat

16. The Coming of the Messiah

17. Zechariah’s Four Angels

18. Zechariah’s Measuring Line

19. Zechariah’s Flying Scroll

20. Peter’s Sheet

Extra-Biblical Examples of Dreams

1. Abraham’s Descendant to Kill Nimrod

2. Dreams of the Persian King and the Magi

Personal Experience

1. The Bible and the Relic

2. The Cultists From California

3. A Mind Torn

4. A Call to Service

5. A Warning to Pay Close Attention

6. The Methodist Church

7. The Wrong Girl

8. Jess Star

9. John’s Dream

10. Books Hidden in the Back of a Catholic Church

11. Woman Preacher and Satan’s Territory

12. Ghost Girl

Listening to Your Dreams




143 pages





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