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The Alien Agenda Package by Aaron Judkins & L.A. Marzulli

Alien Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim by Aaron Judkins & Pastor Michael E. McDaniel

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Watchers 7: Physical Evidence

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The Alien Agenda Package

by Aaron Judkins , Michael McDaniel & L.A. Marzulli

The Alien Agenda Package consists of two items:

  1. Alien Agenda book by Aaron Judkins & Michael McDaniel
  2. Watchers 7 DVD by L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw


Archaeologist Aaron Judkins and Pastor Michael E. McDaniel have written a fascinating book on the Nephilim and so much more. The authors tackle the strange secret’s of Earth’s history, right up to the strange events taking place today. UFOs, Stonehenge, Winged Serpents, the Sphinx, Stargate portals, the 360-ton stones of Cuzco, the Mazzoreth (signs in the heavens), Nimrod, the Fall of Lucifer, and Mayans megaliths and pyramids. This book will quickly become one of your favorites. If you enjoy L.A Marzulli and Steve Quayle’s unique research you will enjoy Alien Agenda. The unique perspective of a trained archaeologist makes this an interesting and informative read. 


Chapter 1- UFOs: Fact or Fiction?

Chapter 2- The Bible & UFOs

Chapter 3- Cherubim & Winged Serpents

Chapter 4- Giants of Old; Men of Renown

Chapter 5- Mystery of the Sphinx

Chapter 6- Star Gates

Chapter 7- Forbidden in History

Chapter 8- The Evolution Connection

Chapter 9- The Coming Delusion

Chapter 10- End Game

Chapter 11- Suppression of the Truth


 Without a doubt—everyone knows something is happening! UFOs are being reported all over the world in numbers greater than ever before. Something has changed. Who are these beings? Where do they come from? Why do they work in the shadows and what is their agenda? Has the U.S. been receiving advanced technology from these visitors since the 1950s? 

Watchers 7: Physical Evidence introduces you to the world’s leading UFO researchers, including Gary Stearman, who addresses America’s sudden access to previously unknown advanced technologies. Meet Mexico City’s Jaime Maussan, a highly credible UFO journalist who’s appeared on television for many years in Mexico. You will be introduced to lobbyist Stephen Bassett from the Washington D.C. Citizen Hearing for Disclosure and hear shocking testimony and questioning. Chuck Missler, Cris Putnam and former Temple University Professor and UFO abduction researcher, David Jacobs, make Watchers 7 a collection of some of the brightest and most experienced UFO researchers on the planet. Marzulli and videographer Richard Shaw have captured astonishing video footage of real life UFOs, flying into volcanoes and hovering overhead for hours on end. You must see the unaltered footage to believe it!  Why is this not on the evening news??? 



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Alien Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim by Aaron Judkins & Pastor Michael E. McDaniel

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6.20 × 9.20 × .50 in

Watchers 7: Physical Evidence

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.375 × .625 in