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Acts 28 – Dispensationalism Explained – By David Van Houten


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Acts 28 – Dispensationalism Explained

By David Van Houten

Step inside the world of Acts 28 dispensationalism with David Van Houten’s “Acts 28 Dispensationalism Explained.” Written from the perspective of an insider, this accessible, straightforward guide aims to shed light on a perspective often misunderstood or neglected by mainstream discourse.

The book begins by outlining the nuanced shift in God’s relationship with Israel and the Gentiles, laying the foundation for understanding the premise of Acts 28 dispensationalism. It underscores the importance of the transition from law-based salvation to a dispensation of grace, allowing for salvation through faith alone.

Progressing through the chapters, Van Houten demystifies the creation of a new spiritual body inclusive of all nations. With insights into Peter’s and Paul’s roles in shaping these developments, the book provides an in-depth look at the biblical transformation from the Jewish body to an all-encompassing Gentile body.

Central to the book is the exploration of the new message revealed to Apostle Paul, which drastically altered the religious landscape and relationship between God and His people. The book explains how the shift resulted in setting aside Israel as a nation in God’s plan until the current dispensation is complete.

In later chapters, readers will learn about the duality of the Jewish and Gentile bodies and their unique relationship with Christ. Van Houten discusses the removal of the partition between Jews and Gentiles, and the creation of a singular body under Christ. He also offers insights into the future of these bodies and the implications of their evolution on spiritual practices and understanding.

The closing chapters present a comprehensive overview of Paul’s distinct messages to Jews and Gentiles, and the role of the Holy Spirit. The author emphasizes the need for correct interpretation of the scriptures, studying them carefully and literally to fully comprehend their teachings.

Whether you’re a proponent of Acts 28 dispensationalism, an opponent, or simply curious, “Acts 28 Dispensationalism Explained” offers valuable insights into this belief system. The book aims to bridge understanding and foster dialogue between various faith perspectives.

David Van Houten’s exploration provides a fair, thorough, and accessible examination of Acts 28 dispensationalism, serving as a guide for those who want to understand this perspective better. Add this essential read to your collection, and immerse yourself in a deeper understanding of these critical scriptural interpretations. Discover the insider’s view of Acts 28 dispensationalism and enhance your biblical perspective today.



62 pages 

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